There is not much difference in purchase or retail invoice template. For any customer to who buys anything from retailer, this invoice contains the details of products, prices and total bill along with necessary details. Using them, bills can generate quickly, precisely and with consistency in their layout. These templates not only help in rapid and accurate listing of items but also save the time of formatting and identical details placement every time you create a bill.


retail invoice template

Retail Invoice Template Format

There are many other tools for invoicing. Some of them are large scale enterprise solutions and some of them are small scale but expensive options. However once design, these retail invoice templates are the free billing solution for your business. Creating them templates is a little tricky job in which you need to know professional invoice format and the order of details to place.

Format of Retail Invoice

There is no generic format of retail invoices devised out there. Every business or every retailer likes to follow his own design and layout. However it is fact that a certain set of information is always require while generating invoices. For the purpose of record tracking, customer and after sales services and financial management, these parameters are important to note. Let’s take a look on few prominent features that you need to encompass while creating this invoice draft;

  • Open Excel spreadsheet and tart with your business name on the top header of the invoice
  • Write business address and contact details below the name like a professional business header
  • Select a cell on the left side of sheet and create section for date
  • You can also apply the function of update date on Excel spreadsheet
  • You can also set the live time in a cell when the invoice is create
  • Draw a table of four columns for the description of products and their prices
  • First column, write serial or sequence number of the product for billing
  • Next column of description, write names of products and quantities bought
  • Third column, write unit price and mention the prices of each product in right order
  • Last draw the column of total amount and add the sum amount of every product here

At the bottom of this column, you can write the sum of total amount and also, you can create cell with proper functions of tax percentages if applied.

Benefits of Using Excel Invoice Templates

There are certain benefits of using Excel invoice templates. These templates majorly save time of billing and invoicing from the scratch. Also, keep consistency in the invoicing process and allow the concern person to simply update the ready drafts and generate instant bills. In small and large retailing businesses, it becomes soothingly professional to hold identical billing format. Moreover, computerize billing is more acknowledged and acceptable than hand written bills, so yeah! It is equally benefiting here.

Download “retail invoice.docx” Invoice-Template-for-Word.docx – Downloaded 37 times – 14 KB



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