In restaurants and hotels, billing process is normally frequent and rapid because of excessive customer walking in. Using restaurant bill invoice template helps you generating quick bills for your customers. These templates are required to customize once and then you don’t really need to update things in every bill and draw the whole draft from scratch.

restaurant bill invoice template


Restaurant Bill Invoice Template Format

Excel spreadsheets and their functions helps many small and medium scale businesses to use professional invoicing approach with computerize draft. Using mainframe Excel sheets, you can list all your products and their relevant prices. When require, you can simply select items and their prices with added automatically. It not only saves time but keeps precision and consistency in your bills. Hence invoicing templates are of multiple benefits. Let’s take a look on how to create these restaurant invoices.

Format of Restaurant Invoice Templates

Normally every restaurant would like to develop their own format and layout for their invoices however, there are some general guidelines necessary to impact billing model of food businesses. There are certain parameters that should follow in the generic pattern. Let’s take a look on general restaurant invoice template format;

  • Open a plain Excel spreadsheet and entitle the sheet with your business header
  • Create the sections of date and time with properly applied clock and calendar features of Excel
  • Create a table of products listing for products and items available at restaurant
  • Apply prices of each item and its per unit and apply the function of price selection
  • Also create a section of total bill and apply the formula of sum for the selected prices
  • You can also create cells for applied taxes and discounts if any

As soon as you are done with data entry, save the template and use when needed. As require, open the template, select relevant items to charge for, select their prices and select number of items being order. You will get the grand total in total amount section. You can also set multiple applied costs like taxes and discounts of multiple types.

Advantages of Using Excel Invoicing Templates

Normally it is of routine practices that every business uses computer generate invoices however the question here is, why should we go for simplest of them which are Excel invoicing templates? The prompt answer to this question is already inside the question, simplicity. These templates are no big thing to design and create. Some prominent advantages are list below here;

  • Quick and consistent billing with ease of hand
  • No big expenses for enterprise software application
  • Easy to replicate, update and reuse for various product lines
  • Helps in easy tracking of billing record for any sort of correction or confirmation
  • Timely record keeping with complete analytical outcomes upon applying proper functions
  • These templates also save a lot of time for creating the whole invoice draft from the scratch

Users don’t really need to keep the specifications of template in mind to create a new bill every time.

Download “Restaurant-invoice.xls” Restaurant-receipt.xls – Downloaded 15 times – 35 KB

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