In retail businesses, the only verified proof of transaction that can counted for settlements is the purchase invoice template. It is issues to every customer and includes the record of items purchased, amount paid, time and date of transaction for any claim in return. Excel invoice templates very much helpful and easy sort of solution for quick invoicing.

Purchase Invoice Template

purchase invoice template

Usually it will not difficult to generate invoice every time by putting values in new spreadsheet, if the business is a causal. But in case of formal working, it is highly recommended to use business invoicing format and remain consistent in billing layout. These templates save the expense of large accounting and billing software and help business to generate quick invoices. Let’s take a look on how you can create or design your custom invoice template;

Format of Purchase Invoice Template

Before talking about how to create the purchase invoice, let’s we see what is included in this. Normally a general invoice would contain the time of issuance, date of issuance, description products or services being purchased. Their price per unit and the total bill including applied taxes and other charges as well. This will make most of the basic level invoice of purchased items which are usually issued from seller. Depending upon the nature of business and complexity of selling process, there can many other things included. However we have explicitly listed few general points that you need to follow while creating your custom invoice template;

  • Open the plain word document and entitle it with your business name
  • Below the business name, write address and contact number of your selling point
  • Write the sections of date and time for entering updated information here
  • Draw a table of description and make four general columns in it
  • First column for serial number of items and list the order number here
  • Name the second column of items and details and write names of items and their details here
  • Name third column for unit price and mention the per unit price of products here
  • Last column would stand for the total amount and you can write total bill of any product multiplied by quantity required

This is all included in the basic purchase invoice and can further customize upon need.

Benefits of Using Excel Invoice Templates

Once you spend a little time on creating your custom Excel invoice template. Save your time and effort of repetitive working on the same thing. No matter the rush or count of customers to whom you have to issue the invoice, just update products, their prices and print the invoice with sum total here.

You don’t need to draw the whole format every time neither you need to keep the order for consistency on your mind. It is just convenient and rapid enough for the billing guy to product standard invoices to every customers. Also the digital copy of each invoice will help you tracking down the purchases in case of warranty or money back claims.

Download “Purchase-Invoice.xls” Purchase-Invoice.xls – Downloaded 11 times – 40 KB

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