A deposit slip is a small written form supply by a bank to a person to fill out the details of account in which he wants to deposit funds (cash or cheque). A deposit slip includes whether the money you want to deposit in form of cash or it is cheque, accountant detail, you have saving or checking account & what is the type of currency etc.

Philippines Bank Cash Deposit Slip Format


philippine bank deposit slip

In Union Bank deposit slip there are three sections:

Accountant Detail

The first section on left hand includes

  • Date of depositing.
  • Two check boxes that whether your account is saving or checking.
  • What type of currency you are depositing. This includes three check boxes either the currency is in Philippines PESO or US Dollar or others. If others then you have to write the name of that currency.
  • Name of account and account number of 12 digits. Account number ensures that the money you are depositing is deposit in correct account.

Receipt Details

The second section on the right hand includes

  • Union Bank transaction reference number.
  • Branch code and time of transaction.
  • Cash deposit and total cash.
  • Address of specific branch where you deposit cash.

Cash Breakdown Detail

This includes three columns

  1. Denomination: Details of either coins or cash receive. Cash is listed in descending from above or ascending from below. If money is less than 20 then coins will be accept otherwise you have to give cash.
  2. of Pieces: How many physical pieces of particular cash is given.
  3. Amount: and total amount of particular cash or coins is written in this column.
  4. And last row includes total deposit. You will add the amounts and write the total amount will be deposit here.

Bank Deposit Slip Formats Excel Free

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