Baseball Spreadsheet Template Excel Free Download

Baseball spreadsheet template is a score sheet to keep up the entire match updated every minute. Baseball is a kind of game in which everyone wants to be updated after every ball of the game. Updated score energies the people when a player plays shot.

Baseball Spreadsheet Template

You can use the baseball stats spreadsheet template to track records of your favorite players and their stats. It is easy to fill every information about the match in this template. It is helpful for you whether you are coach of your baseball team or a stat-keeper. This template can highlight the success of any club.


baseball spreadsheet template

Keeping track of all numbers in a game like a baseball is difficult. It is simple, reliable and easy to use for each one of you. Because it’s an Excel template, you can customize this template as you like. You can add the logo of your team to give extra professional quality. You can change the color scheme of this stats template. Like our many templates, this baseball spreadsheet is also available for everyone to download it free.

Using the Baseball Spreadsheet Template

This stats spreadsheet template is easy for everyone to use and update. There are sections for all important statistical categories which include:

  • Singles (1B)
  • Doubles (2B)
  • Triples (3B)
  • Home Runs (HR)
  • Hits
  • At-Bats (AB)
  • Plate Appearances (PA)
  • Batting Average (BA)
  • Runs Batted In (RBI)
  • Runs
  • Strike Outs (SO)
  • Walks (BB)
  • Hit-By-Pitch (HBP)
  • Reached on Error (ROE)
  • On-Base Percentage (OBP)
  • Total Bases (TB)
  • Slugging Percentage (SLU %)
  • Stolen Bases (SB)
  • Games Played (GP)
  • Games Missed

This baseball stats spreadsheet also calculates the stats of a game for you. If you enter the correct information about the match, this spreadsheet template will automatically calculate the stats. Once you enter the total hits and at-bats, the batting average and on-base percentage (%) will calculate automatically. The total of each statistical category and their average will automatically calculate.

In this baseball stats spreadsheet template if you have more or fewer players, you need to change the average formula to the number of players you have, not 13 as given in this template. To add/subtract players, add/remove the row of cells and add and/or change appropriate formulas.

Share this page with your friends and fellow sports fans if you find this stats template useful for you. Don’t forget to check out other great templates.

baseball spreadsheet

Bank Deposit Slip Formats Excel Free


A bank deposit slip, is a written slip given to the customer for depositing fund in their accounts.It is a slip given by the bank to the depositor to fill it out. It indicates the bank transactions.Typically, It is use to make paying convenient you can also say it like money’s transport. Additionally it is the best way to keep records about the bank.


  • A bank deposit slip is a written form of bank record
  • Firstly It indicates the date
  • The name of depositor
  • Bank name
  • Bank address
  • Secondly, it includes The depositor account number .
  • The mode of payment whether it is cash / check

Moreover, it keeps records about how many checks, cash, and coins are being deposit.

Every bank contains their own formats for bank deposit slips . And every slip will slightly differ from the other slip. Firstly, there would a language difference in every depositing slip for example Indian depositing slip in Hindi, French depositing slip in French, United States or American slip in English etc.

Different bank deposit slip formats for different countries are discuss below.



indian bank deposit slip


It is one of the biggest bank of India. Basically, it is a commercial bank founded in 1906. It deals with all commercial banking in India.


The deposit slip of (BOI) is written in Hindi it consist of 2 parts one is for bank and one for the depositor moreover, it consist of bank name and bank address at the top then there’s is branch name or code amount or check in words and numbers and the depositor sign and the bank stamp and that’s all.



american bank deposit slip


It’s a multinational banking corporation. It also deals with financial corporation it is locate in north Carolina. It is list in one of the largest bank of united states.


Basically, American bank deposit slip is written in English, on the top there is bank name for example (THE BANK OF AMERICA ) then there’s a date, column beneath that there’s home address and telephone number and at the right side there’s is a cash and currency column. Lastly, there is a sub total account number and signature.



malaysian bank deposit slip


May Bank is firstly rank bank of Malaysia. It is located in Kualalumpur. It deals with publicity traded government. It was finding in 1960. It’s working from 57 years.


The deposit slip of may bank is written in English because English is use worldwide in this slip at first there is bank name then at right there’s currency type and account type. Secondly, there is deposit mode account number and account name and that’s all not any other information require.



french bank deposit slip

Credit Agricola

This bank is also called green bank. It is the largest bank of France, it is a french network of mutual banking. It was founded in 1998.


French bank depositing slip is written in french /English it contains the date account number account name and just signature.


By implementing on the following steps you can fill a bank deposit slip

Firstly, you have to fill up the date .

Then you have to fill up the account number

Thirdly you have to write the account name

Fourthly you have to choose the mode of currency

Write how much money is being deposit

Write your address or telephone number

Lastly you have to signature at last.

Personal Expense Budget Template Excel Free Download

The personal budget provides you with more freedom financially. Personal Expense Budget Template allows you to enter each item you purchase for your house or for yourself and then you add and compare how much you have spent. Is this according to your budget or not?

Personal Expense Budget Template excel

The personal budget template makes you decide where you can save your money, where should you apply for your money. Making a budget template make this process simpler and easier. I’ve researched many personal budget templates but this is my favorite and one of the best Household Budgeting Template. This template is one of the simplest and easy to use. This will help you to track your daily, monthly and yearly expenses.


personal expense budget

Income Statement

  • Salary/Wages: How much salary you get monthly or you receive a fixed amount of money daily or weekly for your work.
  • Business earning: If you have a business then you’ll enter the profit from business here.
  • Pension: If you are retired and receive a pension, enter here.
  • Interests/Dividends: What you earn from savings accounts or stocks.
  • Miscellaneous: This income is gained from rents, prize, royalties etc.

This excel template will add up the all the incomes and will show this in Total Income.

Monthly Saving Goals

If you failed to include your savings in your budget, you will spend more money. Saving is an important part of your budget. Here in this template, you will enter your projected saving goal for every income. Your total “saving” will appear in the last row.

Home Expenses

  • Mortgage/Rent: Rent of your house or convey a property to someone on loan.
  • Utilities: Gas, electricity, water bills.
  • Telephone: Bills of the telephone.
  • Repairs: Home maintenance expenses.
  • Home improvement: Changing the structure of the home or repairing gardens, lawns, and outdoor structure.
  • Home security: Expenses of motion sensors and alarm systems.
  • Garden supplies: Purchasing offlowers, plants, seeds, soil for gardens, fertilizers for your garden.

Daily Living Expenses

  • Groceries: Items of food.
  • Childcare: Service charges for a person who is looking after children while parents are working.
  • Dry cleaning: Money Spent on chemical solvent for cleaning cloths.
  • Dining out: Dinner away from your home.
  • Housecleaning service: Salary of servants working in your house.
  • Dog walker: Money you give to the dog walker.


Transportation Expenses

Transportation expenses are costs of fuel/ gas or vehicle reparation. Car wash, parking, and insurance expenses.

Entertainment Expenses

Money spent on cable/TV, movies/plays and on concerts. Video & DVD rentals and club expenses.

Health and Medicine Expense

  • Health club dues: Cost of membership to a fitness or sports club.
  • Insurance: Insurance that covers the cost of medical.
  • Prescriptions: Cost of medicine and drugs to be used.
  • Overthecounter drugs: Cost of medicines commonly used without written from the healthcare professional.
  • Co-payments/out-of-pocket: Share of cost with someone else (Health insurance company).
  • Veterinarians/pet medicines: Cost of medicines to prevent animals from disease.
  • Life insurance: Money spent on insurance, which your family will get after your death after some time.

Holidays Expenses

Holidays expenses include Airfare cost, money spent on food, rental car, hotel rent. Cost of Souvenirs and pet boarding.

Recreation or Repair Expenses

Cost of children toys, sports equipment, gym fees and team dues.

Personal Expenses

  • Clothing: Expenses of garments of your family.
  • Gifts: Costs of gifts you buy for your friends and family.
  • Salon/Barber: Money you spent on beauty salons or in the barbershop.
  • Books: Payments for books.
  • Music: CD’s and DVD’s expenses.


A total of income, saving goal and expenses will show here.

personal expense budget template

Gantt Chart Template Excel Free Download

Gantt chart is a type of horizontal bar chart use to visualize different tasks like the name of starting task, start and end date of task and duration of the task. It provides a graphical illustration of different tasks in a project. You can make Excel Gantt charts in Microsoft excel.

Gantt Chart Template Excel Free Download

A Gantt chart is more commonly use in project management and it is very useful for showing different tasks of a project. It shows the start and end date of a project. A Gantt chart shows you what you will do in different task and when will you do. You can also use Gantt chart to show the percentage of project complete.

Project Management Gantt Chart

It would be so much challenging to juggle 10 or 12 balls at once. You would have to keep your eye on all of the balls, and you have to know when to catch each of them. If you missed a single ball, this could destroy your whole performance.

Project management gantt chart is same like this. You have to control a large number of different tasks or activities to successfully complete or incomplete your project and ensure that the project is complete within the time. A Gantt chart excel template helps you to avoid these mistakes and helpful to complete tasks in time.



In this Gantt chart, you schedule a project and write the starting and ending date of that project and how many months, it will take to complete. This is useful to give you a perfect start to visualize your project. You divide your project in multiple tasks. You give different tasks to everyone in your team and this helps to complete the project in less time. Plenty of time is left to remove different errors or mistakes in project.

Monthly Task Manager

When you make a Gantt chart for your project, you think about all tasks involve in your project. You will tell your team, who will be responsible for a certain task. And what problems you and your team can face during completing your project.

In this Gantt chart the project is divided into multiple tasks and each task has a starting and ending date. How many months it will take to complete a task. You can give different colors to your task such as red, blue, purple etc.

Task management includes:

  • The start date and end date.
  • What the tasks actually is.
  • Who will work on that task.
  • Total duration of the task.
  • How tasks are link with each other.
  • Give tasks different colors according to team members.

On the right side, a calendar is shown which represents different tasks base on their colors.

gantt chart template

Bank of America Deposit Slip Format Free Download

Free download Bank of America deposit slip in excel format. Deposit slip is an authorization form, from a bank to allow a person to save and secure his money in his bank account. It is beneficial for both the person(accountant) and for the bank. The bank takes money from you and deposit slip is necessary for this process. You write how much cash you want to deposit and in which account (a person can have multiple accounts).

Bank of America Deposit Slip Format

Bank of America is the second largest bank in USA. It provides many facilities for their customers like you can deposit money in BOA without even going to the bank by depositing through internet to another account. They’ll inform you via mail or mobile that your money is deposit and you can also distribute your money in other BOA accounts using online banking.


bank of america deposit slip

BOA Accountant Information

In this section, you write the following details:

  • Date: The accountant will write the date of depositing money (today’s date).
  • Name & Address: The accountant will write his name and complete address. Name and address can be pre-printed.
  • Telephone No: He has to write his active mobile number here so that the bank can contact you in case of any problem.
  • Signature Line: Here teller who is receiving money from accountant has receive the money then he’ll sign here.
  1. Bank Deposit Slip Format
  2. Diet and exercise template
  3. Material List Template

Credit Information

This section includes the following:

  • First there are some terms which every accountant should read where the bank requests you to save time. Avoid errors and use pre-printed deposit slips for your account to reduce chances of errors.
  • Cash: Then accountant write how much money (can be currency or coins) he wants to deposit.
  • Checks: If the accountant is depositing money in form of checks, he would write details of each one separately in the box. If there is no space left then he’ll continue on the back of slip (only if the bank allows this).
  • Sub Total: Total of cash and checks.
  • Less Cash Receive: if he wants to receive some money from the check he deposits then the teller (person receiving deposit slip) will write here the money the accountant wants and will deposit the remaining.
  • Total Deposit: The accountant will add the amount of cash and coins & will write the total depositing amount here. If he is depositing checks also then total amount of checks after subtracting less cash receive and cash is total deposit.

Account number of 12 digits and Bank Routing number is pre-printed on deposit slip.

Philippines Bank Deposit Slip Format Download

A deposit slip is a small written form supply by a bank to a person to fill out the details of account in which he wants to deposit funds (cash or cheque). A deposit slip includes whether the money you want to deposit in form of cash or it is cheque, accountant detail, you have saving or checking account & what is the type of currency etc.

Philippines Bank Cash Deposit Slip Format


philippine bank deposit slip

In Union Bank deposit slip there are three sections:

Accountant Detail

The first section on left hand includes

  • Date of depositing.
  • Two check boxes that whether your account is saving or checking.
  • What type of currency you are depositing. This includes three check boxes either the currency is in Philippines PESO or US Dollar or others. If others then you have to write the name of that currency.
  • Name of account and account number of 12 digits. Account number ensures that the money you are depositing is deposit in correct account.

Receipt Details

The second section on the right hand includes

  • Union Bank transaction reference number.
  • Branch code and time of transaction.
  • Cash deposit and total cash.
  • Address of specific branch where you deposit cash.

Cash Breakdown Detail

This includes three columns

  1. Denomination: Details of either coins or cash receive. Cash is listed in descending from above or ascending from below. If money is less than 20 then coins will be accept otherwise you have to give cash.
  2. of Pieces: How many physical pieces of particular cash is given.
  3. Amount: and total amount of particular cash or coins is written in this column.
  4. And last row includes total deposit. You will add the amounts and write the total amount will be deposit here.

Bank Deposit Slip Formats Excel Free

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Monthly Employee Leave Calculator 2017 Excel Free

Monthly Employee leave calculator can improve caliber of your business by analysis some of the major as well as minor details about the employees of firm. It’s consistently a big deal for the executive to keep an eye on the presence and absence of the employees.

Monthly Employee Leave Calculator

For this obligation get a monthly leave calculator template without any doubt and instinctive and attain the monthly report assuredly by analyzing the outcome the actual performance can improve more to get a desire concomitant what’s going on? What results are given? Which employ is giving outcome regularly? Who’s coming on time?

Additionally you can take a survey upon activities perform demonstrate workers, you can easily fill the needs and success is no more away from you!!


monthly employee leave calculator

Monthly Employee Leave Calculator Template Format.

Its name concludes its format; it is an accustomed monthly leave calculator which integrates the leaves of the employees and makes a grand report at the end of the month. Let’s have a look on the format as well features of the template.

Employee leave calculator template excel

Comparatively, you can attain advantages by having a look on the attendance and working delimited by excel worksheet.

  • You can consume more turning points in your business.
  • An eye is kept to evaluate the desires set by the measure satisfactorily
  • Moreover, this sheet includes main requirements for enhancing success.

Features of monthly employee leave calculator template

Monthly, report inhere the working days of the month, name id of employees there attendance timing and signature. These seem to a small info but it consumes a big conduct on the company and influence, maintenance, presentation. Its configuration among other comparable companies.

Working of monthly leave calculator template

As i mention before its name concludes it’s working by utilizing the template you can reduce you working the report. Which require a lot of time to organize is made just in a couple of minutes isn’t it pleasing.

  • It makes big calculations a single calculation commit a time but with the help of this template you can make all the calculation easily , without any distinct method
  • It saves time
  • Keep’s record about each employee each transaction that take place work as evidence
  • Moreover its editable , printable ,and u

Why monthly leave calculator template?

  • Monthly leave calculator template is obligated user friendly to conduct the monthly sick/ leave accumulated under your award:
  • It accommodates with your need’s quite instantly, obligates the uses is cheap in use differ from other template.
  • It makes a great difference in yearly reward report by the obligation of the template you can sincerely award the best employee of the year.
  • Despite any other will illustrate you with encasement manually it also relay a keen interest upon cash payment and all over.

Click here to download Monthly Leave Calculator

Material List Template Excel Free Download

Here, you can download material list template which is extremely useful to you. Just a blessing for a person who deal’s in material of any kind. Whether it is a business material official material or a home base material.

Material List Template

Material list template is equipment use by an occupier to keep records about the material. This spreadsheet consider one of the most important components of project management. It is the complete range of the material’s need in regard.

Uses of a Material list template

To be honest it’s extremely useful for people which invade in material dealing.

Its allows to make list of the material used in the project by making the list one can recently know that these materials are required and these should be provided , and by doing this planning one could get all the material in advance it leaves a marvelous impact on the project.

Moreover, it gives a professional look, to the project and increases its rate.



Features of material list template

It’s just a transaction letter containing a few components

  • Item name
  • Description
  • Quantity
  • Unit cost
  • Total

Format of Material List Template

These lists are really easy to get. You can download it easily on the other hand you can also generate it on your PC. It can be customized and .editable so you can generate it according to your needs. If we go towards its format it a vertical template with a few column of material‘s.

If you need a best project plan or you want to get successful in your projects so you must download this template.


Diet and Exercise Template Excel Free Download

Free download diet and exercise template in excel spreadsheet. Diet and exercise are very essential part of our life. Have you ever noticed? That you’re getting fatty. Yeah, it’s quite difficult to stay in a peak fit physical condition.

Diet and exercise plan template

The first step to be fit is to take a healthy diet, in order to do so you must have a diet plan.

Additionally, the second step to be at peak is to do exercise similarly you need an exercise plan for it.

So it’s not a big deal excel spreadsheet is providing you a bundle of diet and exercise template’s.



Why Diet and Exercise Template?

The diet and exercise template is a written plan about your diet and exercise which notifies when to diet and when to take exercise it helps to maintain yourself remind you about your health volume and by being reminded again and again it will be helpful for you to fill up your tasks steadily.

Features of Diet and Exercise Template

It is a feature based template, which contains certain features that have a slight detail about the activity i.e.

  • Date
  • Time
  • Description
  • Calories
  • Sugar
  • Crabs
  • Walk’s
  • Notes

These are the some of the features that a template consists of and these `are enough for an excellent dieting and exercising plan.

Diet and Exercise Template Format

The format of this template is quite simple and it only contain some features excluding all unwanted features just a slight detail and it over

It contain the date i.e. on which date you ate what how much calories it contains and who many fat’s u gained . Then there’s a small part of food and timing moreover the exercise detail’s timing of walks certain notes and it ends up.


Benefits of Diet and Exercise Template

  • Notifies you on time
  • Makes you remind about the diet
  • Gain’s a steady diet
  • Legibly make up punctual l
  • Contain a good health.

Firstly, you can make your own template on excel if not possible here you can download a template and can customize and edit according to your need.

Download: Diet & Exercise Template

Sales Forecast Model Template Excel Free Download

If you search a sales forecast model template, so here you are on the right place. Here you will get a number of sales plan forecast which will helpful for you in selling and forecasting your business. Free sales forecast template help you to analyze the total number of sales, average sales, profit margin, of your products.


sales forecast model


Selling and forecasting in an essential part of a business. It doesn’t matter if it is a business plan or a financial project. The thing you need is forecasting and selling. Sales refer with the trading of good’s. On the other hand forecast help to calculate the number of sales in a project.

This template helps to make estimate of sales up to next 5 years. This template can deal will 4 unit based and 4 non unit based service. It can also be used as starting point of a financial project



It is a key to a financial project 5 year sales plan forecast consist of 3 graphs of each year

  • First column is of unit sold
  • Months
  • Average item sold
  • Total item.
  • At last there is a graphical feature to show the average.


  • Firstly, you have entered the name of item and estimate of item to be selling in next 5 years.
  • Add the unit price of each product in 1 year.
  • Add the other sales information.


With the use of sales plan forecast model template you can keep record of a long period i.e. 5 years. You can make an average of your sales item. Moreover, you can keep a record easily about abundant years. You can calculate a large sum of item in just a couple of minutes it keeps record as well as make high calculations and save time.
sales forecast model