Cost Management Plan Templates Excel Free Download

Cost Plan facilitates to make a Cost Management Plan, one of the most critical plans of a project. Without having a Cost Management, costs can be uncontrollable and escalate out of managing will result in a project being closed too soon.

Cost Management Plan Template

The Cost Management Plan Template enables you to monitor, control and manage costs throughout the lifecycle of a project to make sure the delivery of end product within the allowed budget.

Cost Management Plans are the most vital areas and responsibilities for a project manager. Poor Cost Management Plan of a project is one of the main reasons behind a project failed to obtain its target. The Template helps you to plan, monitor and manage carefully so that the ongoing problems can be reduced to zero.

Why use this Cost Management Plan Template?

Cost control and estimation is key to the project’s success. This Cost Management Template helps you in Cost Management Plan which is the major part of any project. The template will outline the criteria and activities which must be executed as a part of Project Management.

This template provides a planning structure critical to control the costs of the project and keep them within the allowed budget. The Cost Plan Template will provide cost estimates, determine the budget and control the costs. Using a Cost Management Plan will lessen the need for a clearly defined Cost Management Plan.

The processes of Cost Management are:

  • Plan project cost management.
  • Estimate cost.
  • Determine cost.
  • Control cost.


cost management plan

Cost Management introduces the activities concerning managing a project’s budget. Effective Management assures that the project is completed on budget and according to the planned scope. Cost management is the prime element of a project outcome.

Cost Management Purpose:

Cost Management Template describes how a project manager will manage and control the costs during the life of a project. This template helps you to set the scheme and standards by which the costs of a project are estimated, determined, and controlled.

This Cost Management Plan Template also helps you to:

  • Identify who is responsible to manage costs.
  • Identify who can make/approve changes to the project’s budget.
  • How cost is estimated and reported.

The Major Output of This Cost Management Plan Template:

This template mainly direct to find out the cost of every single activity and determine the budget of a project. Then, controlling and managing the project budget to complete the project within the allowed budget.

This Cost Management Template maintains a direction and provides a guidance on how to manage the costs during the project lifecycle. For example, you can find out how much money you need in certain phases of a project by using the template.

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Procurement Management Plan Templates Excel

Procurement Management Plan Template is crucial for a project successful completion as it describes the important steps and responsibilities to bring all the resources and services required throughout the implementation cycle. The Procurement Management Template defines the procedure for managing procurement. A Procurement Plan helps you to identify the products you need to take from external suppliers.

Procurement Management Plan Template

A Procurement Management Plan will help you to identify the requirements for the project and will guide you to get the final contract. The Procurement Plan Template addresses important issues such as which items should be procured, how the contract will approve, help you identify the risks, how the cost will be determined, and on what decisions will be based.

Why use this Procurement Management Plan Template?

It is much important to make a Procurement Plan when you have to purchase items from external suppliers. Using this free Procurement Management Plan Template, you can describe the procurement requirements, can find potential suppliers, contract the selected suppliers and guide govern them to ensure delivery. Procurement Management Planning is vital to the successful completion of every project. By using the Procurement Management Template, you can implement these steps speedily and efficiently.


procurement management plan

This Procurement Management Template sets a procurement framework for the project. it serves as a pilot for managing procurement requirements throughout the life of a project. This template describes the items to be procured, type of contracts, approval process, and decision criteria.

This Procurement Management Template helps you to:

  • Identify your procurement requirements and services.
  • Define all the items you require to procure.
  • Make a sound financial justification to procure them.
  • List down all the tasks to procure your products.
  • Provide a schedule for those tasks by allocating resources and time-frames.
  • Provide a better sense of when the procurement process should start for every item.

The Procurement Plan Template gives a concise analysis of the process requirements important to manage procurement of the needs. This free Procurement Plan Template includes the following processes:

  • First, identify what to procure and then give a timeline for purchase.
  • Identification of external service providers and suppliers.
  • Proposal or bids and selecting a supplier and service provider.
  • Make a good relation with service provider/supplier.
  • Contract end.

Procurement Management Plan Purpose

Use the Procurement Management Plan Template to identify the procurement requirements framework for the project. This template will serve as a guide for monitoring and managing procurement throughout the lifecycle of the project.

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Communication Management Plan Templates Free

Communication management plan template defines how in a project, the communication will be observe, structure, planned and control. Management plan template can analyze and determine how different groups and team members will communicate critical information during the project for status, meetings, quality, issues, deliverables access, design and document reviews.

Communication Management Plan Template

Communication Plan Template helps the team and groups determine and understand the kind of communication structure to complete the project successfully. Project management template helps to manage all formal communications with the project stakeholders properly. This template establishes a feedback loop to keep everyone up to date.

Why you need this communication management plan template?

Communication is the backbone of any successful project. Using a communication management plan template can assure you that the project documentation, messages, data, and reports are clear and more effective. This free communication plan template defines a way to transfer information to your project team members and stakeholders so that they are heard properly.

A communication plan will also not the goals, procedure, stakeholders, and activities as they are related to communications. If you are working on a large project with many resources, managers, and team members then you will need a well-structure delivery for communications.

Effective Communication describes a way for successful project management and project completion. One of the benefits of communication management template is that it defines the communication requirements for Constructing Expansion Project during the project lifecycle. It also defines the requirements, frequency, media, and distribution to make sure that the information is transmit properly in time and consistent fashion.

This free communication management plan enables you to know:

  • With whom you need to communicate.
  • How to conduct the communication.
  • What are the things to communicate?
  • When to communicate.


communication management plan

This Template includes:

  • The purpose of the plan and its approach.
  • What are the communication goals and its main objectives?
  • Communication roles.
  • Tools for communication and methods.
  • High-level project communication messages.

Moving forward with This Project Management Plan Templates

By creating Communication Management Plan at the initial stage of your project will take less effort but will buy you a lot of time when you are knee deep in deliverables. This template will help you to manage it on regular basis to save you a lot of headaches and give you a great chance to complete your project successfully.

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Change Management Plan Templates Excel Download

Change Management Plan Template is use to define the procedure for observing and controlling change on the project. Change management template concerns with changes to the project scope, project plans, and documents. Effective change in management is vital to complete a project successfully. The Management Plan Template guides what steps must happen before considering change and before it is approve and implement.

Change Management Plan Template

Making change does not affect the schedule for the project. Change can affect budget, risk, quality and require human resources. By controlling and observing change, we provide more freedom and space for our project to succeed. Change Management plan is finest develop during the initial phase of project planning. By using Change Management Template, a project is well position to finish within the budget and on schedule.


change management plan

Why use Change Management Plan Template?

Change Management Plan Template provides a scenario and strategy to deal with change. It defines the processes such as submitting a change request to Change Control Board for reviewing and how changes will be determine. A plan can provide details on how the change will be manage by defining the type and sphere of the change, roles and budget requirements, stakeholder’s management, and other related information. Change Management Plan Template helps to make a plan base on the culture and objectives of an organization and further the characteristics of the given change.

This Free Change Management Plan Template is the key to saving time, easing stress and reducing cost scenarios. Change Plan Template can also serve as tools for strategist, controlling and implementing the Change Management Policy.

The Change Management Plan Template will also help you to:

  • Describe the rules, process, tools, and stakeholders that are important to manage any change.
  • Determines how the request for any change will be approve, test, and assess regarding likely impact on the budget, scope, and schedule.
  • Manage the change as it is implement.
  • Ensures that change will be handle proactively as it occurs and the change is coordinate across the project.
  • Establish a better financial performance, reduce delays in project completion, improve accountability and on-time deliverables.

This Free Change Management Plan Template helps the project managers by specifying change, arranging a change control board and defining the change control processes. The template is helpful for any type of change such as Scheduling Changes, Budget Changes, and Scope Changes.

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Employee Salary Slip Format Excel Free Download

Employee Salary slip format is a record that an organization has paid their salary to the employee. Salary slip template includes complete information about employee salaries such as name, basic pay, month and date of payment, taxes, pension, deductions, allowances and net amount paid and signatures of a employee. This slip can act as an evidence that the employee has received the salary from an organization or a person. Therefore, a employee salary slip is important because you can present it as an evidence.

Employee Salary Slip Format Excel

Almost every organization use “employee salary slip template” in the world. This template will help you to manage the financial record of each employee in your organization or company. You can arrange their bonus by using employee salary slip template according to their no. of hours they have performed in one month.


employee-salary slip-format

Benefits of using Employee Salary Slip Template

The benefits of using employee salary slip are:

  • This template helps you to identify the designation of employee in your organization.
  • It helps you to calculate the overtime of employees.
  • It also helps you to identify whether the employee is expert or he needs training.
  • How much time the employee will take for his training.
  • The salary slip also helps to calculate the days of the employee in a month.
  • For how many days he took leave.
  • What type of leaves he took.
  • Salary slip also provides the efficient record of employee to increase the employee morale and motivation.

How to use it?

This information is basic part of employee salary slip template,

  • Employee information.
  • Total days of his working and his total leaves.
  • Total earnings.
  • Other deductions.

Employees Information:

This section includes all the information about an employee.

  • A number of employee which a company allocates to employee. The number will be different for all employees.
  • Complete name of a employee.
  • Department name and his designation in organization.
  • Bank Account number.
  • Method of payment whether cash or by cheque.
  • Date of his joining the company.
  • Total time period of his training.
  • Total of allowed leaves.
  • CTC (COST TO COMPANY) to company is the cost which a company pay to him at the end of month.

Days of Working and Leave:

This section includes detail about days of employee working and leaves.

  • Total no. of working days.
  • Total leaves.
  • Types of leave.
  • Total leaves allowed by the company.
  • Actual amount of salary.

Total Earning:

  • Basic salary of a employee.
  • House rent allowances.
  • Other allowances.

Total Deductions:

  • Provided fund.
  • Profession tax.
  • Advance / Loan.
  • Leave deduction.
  • Other deductions.

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Resource Plan Templates For Project Managers

Want to do resource planning smarter? Project managers are responsible for using resources efficiently therefore free resource plan templates for project managers is now added here! To tell the truth the secret between success of most difficult projects is using all the resources smartly! Moreover, there are different types of resources available in the organization and dealing with all require strategy. Which can be built using this premium quality excel sheet!

Resource Plan Templates for Project Managers

Speaking about this, your project success completely lie on the fact that if require resources are available and how efficiently you are allocating them for the project! Furthermore, they are also requiring for other operations in the company, therefore there must be a plan which is beneficial for all! What type of human resource is requiring for project A?


Resource plan template for project managers’ format and specifications

Go through our range of free excel templates and understand their format and specifications as well:

Excel based resource plan templates for project managers

Complete your project successfully with this template:

  • As a matter of fact, according to the recent survey, 97% of projects face failure due to no planning for using the resources smartly! With this excel worksheet; you can reduce the risk of project failure with better resource planning!
  • Not to mention this, at any day, your project team can simply start working without dealing with the struggle to find the resources and then starting the working! This means better goal achievement % than usual!
  • On he other hand, there is better flow between the work activities and your project team can ensure milestones achievement on time! Look out for the project timeline and make any changing if require!

Free resource plan templates for project managers

Identify the right resources at the right time with this free excel worksheet:

  • As an illustration, for each of the project stage, there are certain numbers of people require to fill each role and you can now identify them with free resource plan template!
  • What is even best is that you can see the start and end dates for the each resource filled! This means you can now plan for the future with help of this template!
  • As a matter of fact, free resource plan template for project managers come actually free, therefore you can simply make it part of any business or project in the start as well! Calendar and table view is available!

Resource capacity planning excel template download

Have a complete look on the resources available with this stylish template:

  • Not to mention this, you are able to plan smartly if you have all the data available with you about all the resources and using them in the most efficient manner!
  • In particular, you can now identify human resources and equipment resources separately! This means you can have focus on all at a single platform!
  • What is total amount of raw material require to accomplish the project? identify this with our free templates!

Resource Plan Templates

Profit Loss Statement Template Excel Free Download

Your profit loss statement can attempts to relate the expenses and profit of the specific time period and this is now much easier with excel template available here. Not to mention this, either you are a small shop owner or of a bigger restaurant, your profits and loss in the time period can actually affect your decisions! Additionally, running an event organization company or the contact center, how to determine their future? You get all with this excel worksheet now!

Profit Loss Statement Template Excel

As a matter of fact, there are certain external and internal factors affecting profitability of your company. if you are aware of them, definitely you can grow your company and becoming successful. By way of example, it is basically a template also needed by your accountants and financial persons!


profit loss statement

Profit & loss statement template excel format

There are several of them listed here addressing profit and loss for multiple years, similarly it provides a way to measure success. Let’s understand the use of the sheet:

Business profit & loss statement template excel free

On the subject of this, this can keep your business running efficiently with:

  • What is the type of business you are operating? Is you are managing the accounts or you are actually finance head of the department? What must be part of your profit & loss sheet?
  • Specifically, this template is useful for all, including, “vision”, “objectives”, “needs” & “resources”. Try to personalize your template with adding these components!
  • Likewise, depending on the scope of your business, “expenses in the last 6 months”, “direct and indirect expenses”, “costs utilized” and “sales revenue in the last 6 months” as well.
  • It does not require any technical expertise ot handle **. Moreover it reduce down the chances of suffering any loss or coming u with any inefficient decision due to unavailability of right finance data!

Restaurant profit loss statement template excel free

Coming in unique formats, you can now choose a best one for your restaurant:

  • For instance, preparing a financial plan for your restaurant? Is it new in the locality or you are opening up its new branch nearby? What are your target audience and how to deliver them your message? Best promotional strategies and costs?
  • By the same token, your restaurant accountant needs to take care of all of them! they can formulate the best marketing plans through seeing the expenses and profit in the last months of your restaurant!
  • You can overcome most of your expenses easily with data management easily possible with restaurant profit and loss statement template excel.

Shop profit and loss statement template excel free

The sheet is beneficial in the following regards:

  • Where is your shop located? How to increase your shop sales in the region? What is best approach of getting new customers?
  • You can now make a comparison of shop sales in this year and in the last year with this excel template available.
  • The sheet is ready to use!

Download “Profit-Loss-statement.xls” Profit-Loss-statement.xls – Downloaded 67 times – 45 KB

Price Analysis Spreadsheet Template Excel Free Download

Price analysis spreadsheet template lets you charge fairly for something and charging should be easy to calculate. You just have to run a price analysis template on your Excel program including all the data you have already entered on prices. You can find out easily what is the total price for various products.

Price Analysis Spreadsheet Template

The price analysis template will find out the accurate cost you should charge for something. When you will run price analysis template on Excel program it will display the costs of different thing you are charging for. You can easily charge your client the genuine cost that you need to charge after finding out the sum of all things the client has bought.


price analysis spreadsheet

The price analysis template will help you to discover the cost of a product. Client can easily pay and you start charging on that cost. You can compare your prices with what others are charging for the same product. You will be sure whether the price you are charging is fair to your customers or not? This will help you to guarantee that you are on right path with this.

Why use Price Analysis Spreadsheet Template?

Price analysis is crucial to find out the right price in a market where you are operating. By serving the right price for your products you will be fair to your clients and you will have a better position in the market against your opponents. A Price analysis will discover the exact price to attract more customers to purchase your products. You have many challenges in the market and you look at the position of your products in the market according to the competition. Therefore, price analysis is vital action in competition. Make sure to do the price analysis as soon as possible.

3 Steps to Perform for Price Analysis:

  • Identify a precise cost of all your products.
  • Identify the benefits you will get after making your cost more precise.
  • After listing out your cost and benefits, compare the total to both benefits and costs.

Sample of Price Analysis Spreadsheet Template:

This Price analysis template provides a simple spreadsheet calculate the cost and benefits of your product. This spreadsheet template will also calculate the total of costs and benefits. You can customize this template if you need to make changes in this price analysis template. Here you can download one of the best price analysis templates and we will make sure that it will be helpful and easy to understand for you.

Download “Price-Analysis-Template.xls” Price-Analysis-Template.xls – Downloaded 86 times – 41 KB

Daily Time Study Spreadsheet Template Excel Free

Daily time study spreadsheet excel helps you to organize and plan your time so you can get most out of your time and achieve your goals. This will provide more balance to your work and ensure that you complete your important tasks in time. Time study spreadsheet also helps you to prioritize your goals and you can easily analyze the time you are wasting.

Daily Time Study Spreadsheet Excel

The daily time study spreadsheet allows you to plan your whole day. You can view all your hourly, daily and weekly activities. Easily organize your day by the hour and you can also add your important notes. You are able to plan your events and meetings and set reminders for important tasks. You can also share this spreadsheet with your co-workers which will help them to know your schedule.


daily time study spreadsheet

Tips for Daily Time Study Spreadsheet Template:

  • Determine your activities. Some activities are fixed and occur daily or weekly at the same time. Some activities can occur any time which is not fixed.
  • Tasks are flexible and require more time. Divide these task into multiple steps.
  • Stick to a routine to maintain healthy habits.
  • Determine how much time you need for every single activity.
  • Sometimes an unexpected event can arise and you have to adjust the time for this event without getting derailed.
  • Combine your tasks that can work well together to save your time and increase productivity.
  • Share your tasks with others to focus more on high-priority tasks.

Why use Daily Time Study Spreadsheet Template?

Whether you are a student, teacher, factory worker, businessman, or parent it is difficult for you to balance your activities and organize your tasks. Creating a daily time study spreadsheet on excel will make it easier for you to plan all your activities and organize the events. Using time study template, you can schedule your activities and tasks better. Time management tools ensure that you stay focused on your goals. Remember, the purpose of time management is not only to save your time or complete tasks in the shortest amount of time. It also ensures that your important tasks complete in time.

A Sample of Daily Time Study Spreadsheet Template:

Many time study spreadsheet templates are available on the internet to help you schedule your time. The template given below can help you to manage your professional and personal time better. This spreadsheet is easy to use, free and more efficient. You can customize this template according to your schedule or you can create your own schedule in excel. This template is in simple formatting. By downloading this schedule template take your task management to next level.

daily time study spreadsheet

Stakeholder Analysis Template Excel Free Download

Stakeholder analysis is a technique vital to winning people and is crucial for the planning and execution of a project. Stakeholders are important in business and mega projects. Stakeholder analysis template let you decide the real stakeholders, their impact, and role in working.

Stakeholder Analysis Template Excel Format

The benefit of stakeholder analysis to any organization include gathering opinions at the initial stage of the project which is vital to develop a communication plan. Stakeholder’s main goal is to build a strong and cooperative relationship between stakeholder and the project manager to complete the project successfully.

Stakeholder analysis (stakeholder mapping) is an important step to start a new project. It impact on individuals, community leaders, groups and other organizations. Stakeholders can be external as well as internal.

stakeholder analysis template

Stakeholders analysis templates are helpful to identify the stakeholders for your project, on the basis of their influence level. While creating a stakeholder analysis template for reliable results, insert this useful and productive information in your template.

Stakeholder Analysis Template Features

  • First, identify and write down all the stakeholders. Minor and major both stakeholders should be mentioned here. A stakeholder can be any group or individual.
  • List down the key member if the stakeholder is a team or group and find their influence and shares in the project in percentage (%).
  • Check whether you can fulfill their needs or not.
  • If your project includes customers then mention them as stakeholders.
  • After listing down all stakeholders, define their types whether they are reviewer, providers or output deliverer etc.
  • By completing these steps, you can prioritize your stakeholders.

It is not important to have a long list of individual stakeholders. All stakeholders cannot be in your favor because some of them can have different opinions. Some may be interested in your work while others are not interested, some have powers to block you or make you grow. So, use stakeholder analysis templates to contact with your key personnel.

You should use MS Excel in all such cases to find more exclusive and influential results for your project. Stakeholder Analysis template helps you in controlling any sort of database on its utility and implied functions of Excel.

Why You Must Use Stakeholder Analysis Templates

Making business decision is not an easy task but having experts can handle these problems. The stakeholder analysis templates are important and specially designed to help you to contact vital person. All of these templates include defined headers, sections, and areas that can help you to find out most experienced and professional stakeholders so they can ensure smooth working of current business or project.

You can download and customize stakeholder analysis templates to create a balance between a stakeholder and the project manager. You can also edit and replace the headers and sections according to your preferences to ensure that your project runs successfully.

By specifying the purpose of use you can find hundreds of free designs of stakeholder template for Excel, and you can customize them for yours personalize use.

Stakeholder Analysis