Gantt chart is a type of horizontal bar chart use to visualize different tasks like the name of starting task, start and end date of task and duration of the task. It provides a graphical illustration of different tasks in a project. You can make Excel Gantt charts in Microsoft excel.

Gantt Chart Template Excel Free Download

A Gantt chart is more commonly use in project management and it is very useful for showing different tasks of a project. It shows the start and end date of a project. A Gantt chart shows you what you will do in different task and when will you do. You can also use Gantt chart to show the percentage of project complete.

Project Management Gantt Chart

It would be so much challenging to juggle 10 or 12 balls at once. You would have to keep your eye on all of the balls, and you have to know when to catch each of them. If you missed a single ball, this could destroy your whole performance.

Project management gantt chart is same like this. You have to control a large number of different tasks or activities to successfully complete or incomplete your project and ensure that the project is complete within the time. A Gantt chart excel template helps you to avoid these mistakes and helpful to complete tasks in time.



In this Gantt chart, you schedule a project and write the starting and ending date of that project and how many months, it will take to complete. This is useful to give you a perfect start to visualize your project. You divide your project in multiple tasks. You give different tasks to everyone in your team and this helps to complete the project in less time. Plenty of time is left to remove different errors or mistakes in project.

Monthly Task Manager

When you make a Gantt chart for your project, you think about all tasks involve in your project. You will tell your team, who will be responsible for a certain task. And what problems you and your team can face during completing your project.

In this Gantt chart the project is divided into multiple tasks and each task has a starting and ending date. How many months it will take to complete a task. You can give different colors to your task such as red, blue, purple etc.

Task management includes:

  • The start date and end date.
  • What the tasks actually is.
  • Who will work on that task.
  • Total duration of the task.
  • How tasks are link with each other.
  • Give tasks different colors according to team members.

On the right side, a calendar is shown which represents different tasks base on their colors.

gantt chart template

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