Using an Employee Timesheet Template is handy to track the employee working time on the weekly, bi-weekly and monthly basis when wrapping up the payroll process. It is simple to customize your particular payroll proceedings using employee timesheet. The timesheet includes pay rate, overtime, overtime rate, and a column for sick and vacations. Ask your employees to have a daily timesheet log to make it make it easier for you to record their daily activities.

Employee Timesheet Template Excel

This employee timesheet excel template allows you to create one file for all employees to track their activities and speedily count their total payroll. Making timesheet is important to record employees working days and total time. As this sheet template is customizable, you can add another row for separate pay rates and overtime hours. The template contains pre-built formulas to instantly calculate total payroll.

employee timesheet template

Finding out the payroll details of your employees become simple by creating a sheet. If you don’t track your employees working time, you are pushing money away from you. Employees of a company can take advantage of company’s trust if they don’t record their working hours. So, choosing a perfect timesheet template is crucial to don’t let your employees take advantage.

Reasons to use Employee Timesheet Template

These are the reasons why you should use a timesheet.

  1. Timesheet makes it easy to keep correct records of payroll and pay them appropriately. If you are an organization and have a large workforce to track, having mistakes in payroll are quite common. You can overpay the employees you don’t have correct records.
  2. Keeping a record of worker’s attendance and how they spend their time while working, you can get a feel for how they are performing. This can help you find any problem that might block working efficiency.
  3. Timesheet records are helpful to settle conflicts and controversies. Occasionally some employees can demand more pay for the time they allegedly worked or they can claim for more working hours than they really did. They can add time to their sheet without verifying superintendent to determine if it’s ok. With a paper trail, their words are pointless.
  4. Both organization and employees need a correct record of their time to issue the accurate payment. Filling out employee sheets hourly or daily to track certain tasks is helpful to calculate working hours precisely.
  5. It is easy to record overtime precisely. Almost in every state, you have to pay your employees for overtime for any hours over 40 hours a week. Documenting every hour of overtime is important. A correct timesheet can assure you of this.

How to manage Employee Timesheet?

  • Keep your timesheet simple.
  • Train your employees to make sure every worker is on the same
  • Make sure it is easy to submit.
  • Send out reminders to reduce the number of late submissions of the timesheet.
  • Having an easy coding system to remember and use.

Final Thoughts:

To sum things up, having a timesheet system is best to find where your employees are investing time. You can also find out some areas where you need to improve and fill the gaps that are blocking productivity of your business. This timesheet template will provide you a simple solution for your business. So, give it a try.

Download: Employee Timesheet Template

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