Employee Evaluation Template is helpful to review your employee’s performance and make sure that your business is at its climax. It’s great for you to tell the workers where they are faulty and where they can improve. You can simply and effectively manage the employee’s performance reviewing process on the quarterly, half-yearly or yearly basis.

Employee Evaluation Template Excel

Performance reviews are important not just for business or organization to become successful, but also backing workers motive and job planning. Using this template makes it clear for you to take decisions like firing a worker by pointing out an appropriate reason behind it. Employee evaluation template helps to track accurate record of workers, identify staff that needs an upgrade and defends your decisions with ease.

employee evaluation template


The main objective of employee evaluation form is to enhance employee’s performance and continues development of an organization. Moreover, such reviews provide us a valid, fair and evident record of employee performance. How they are completing their tasks and how much they know about job needs.

What Should an Employee Evaluation Form Contain?

  • Employee name, post, and ID number.
  • Space for rating employee.
  • A plain & direct rating system.
  • Space for writing comments.
  • Area for employee and manager to sign
  • Space for write date.

Furthermore, an effective evaluation form includes queries for self-reflection to know how employees observe themselves. It should also permit the workers freedom to give productive feedback. If you don’t back this culture, you’ll take false or unfair feedback. What would they do if they were in charge, what they consider their criteria of success and what’s the hardest challenge they are facing during work? In which areas they can operate well and where they need backing.

Importance of Employee Evaluation Template

There’s clearly no opposing on the need of managing employee’s performance reviews regularly (bi-yearly or yearly). It helps in Identifying workers strength, weaknesses and area where they need to improve. It can also:

  • Provide employees with rightful appreciation.
  • Makes it easy and concise to evaluate.
  • Support you to set clear productive goals.
  • Determine a clear purpose of the form.
  • Better inspire employees.
  • Create a better rating scale.

A perfect evaluation should accurately capture the progress of workers to be a win-win for both workers and employers. By tracking the performance, management can set future expectations with regard to employee’s progress. An accurate evolution can inspire them to upgrade their performance and become more constructive.

Final Say:

Making your own evaluation form is time-consuming, so using a template can save your time and resources. Use this performance review template to keep correct records of employees and identify those who need improvement. This template has everything you need, but you can customize it according to your requirements of your organization. Download this template and establish a paper trail to support crucial HR decisions.

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Download: Employee Evaluation

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