If you provide contract services to your clients and customers, contractor invoice template is your routine matter. Using smartly designed Word invoice templates, it becomes easier to manage monthly or session based billing process. Templates are meant to avoid repetitive struggle for producing similar things every time.

Contractor Invoice Template

In professional services, companies prefer to work and payoff bills over invoicing and therefore following a consistent format for your invoices is very important for being professional. Once you issue an official bill using invoicing templates, it is considered everywhere and there are no doubts about its authenticity. Anyways, let’s take a look on how you can create a general contractor invoice that works with any form of services under your company tag.


Format of Contractor Invoice

Based on the nature of business or type of services that you contract, the format of contractor invoice varies. May be you are a logistic contractor so your costing unit will be distance and transport expenses. Similarly for a construction contractor, costing units will be raw materials used per square meter or feet. Whatever the nature of business, there is a general layout that implies to all sorts of contractor billing and the idea behind these invoice is almost the same. Here we state the format for a general contractor’s billing format which can be altered according to need;

  • Open a plain Word document and entitle it with your company name
  • Write company’s header information like contact details and address
  • Write invoice number and client’s name to whom this invoice is issue
  • Mention the date below this, on the right side of invoice
  • Then draw a table of details of deliverables and their costs
  • In the first column, write the sequence number of product or services that you provided
  • Next to this column, write per unit price that you offered to the customer or client
  • And last column should be for the total amount
  • At the bottom of total amount’s column, draw section for subtotal and taxes which are applicable

You can also draw section for any special value in case of any charges or other fees are included based on your business nature or the model of working which you are following.

Benefits of Using Word Invoice Templates

There are multiple benefits of using ready templates. In case of small businesses, it might not be a big concern. But in case of large businesses where regular billing and accounts keeping is a hectic job, these ready templates not only resolve on saving daily effort but also reduce time of official account keeping by providing a ready draft which is just needed to be updated with its values. Remember, besides the data in the template, its format, layout and presentation also matters in professional working. Let’s look some of the shiny benefits of using word invoice templates which no one can deny;

  • You don’t have to create same margin lines, blocks and sections again and again
  • You don’t have to keep the burden of formatting on your head
  • It becomes easier to track the record of transactions through digital billing copies
  • These templates allow you to instantly generate large bills simply by putting updated amount.



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