Like all other types of services, consultancy services are also paid and invoiced to clients. Consultant invoice template are often used by services providing companies to generate their bills and keeping the payment track. Excel invoice templates are very helpful and time saving especially when you have plenty of clients and regular billing framework. Though it can be particular to any certain action of business, off-channel working or personal projects or maybe general consultancy excluding actions.

Consultant Invoice Template Excel

The format of template would definitely matter on the types of consultancies being provided to the client and nature of agreement between both parties however there are some generic measures that you need to adapt while creating an excel templates.

Consultant Invoice Template excel

General Format of Consultant Invoice Template

Like common practice, invoice starts with client’s name and business address. You can also write other details such contact details and business headline for client referencing. Basic cost parameter is usually per hour in case of consultant services. Therefore, it is considered as unit price. Let’s take a look on how you can create a basic yet professional consultant invoice to charge monthly or session wise billing to your clients;

  • Open Excel spreadsheet and select a title name such as consultant invoice
  • On the left side, name a cell as “To” and enter the name of client side
  • Below this cell, name another cell as “From” and enter your company’s name
  • Draw a separation line and create a square cell by merging at least cells
  • Enter invoice number and session number relevant to the client
  • Create a large cell and draw 3 columns in it
  • Name the first column for date of consultancy session
  • Name second one for description of each session held on particular date
  • And the late one for rate per hour decided between both sides
  • Also create the cell of total at the end of hour rate column

Once you complete all these, create a horizontal cell to add agreement note and its clauses. Then create cells for signature of issuer. Also create a section for payee’s signature in the end also.

Benefits of Using Excel Invoice Templates

In every business, billing is the regular process and part of routine. Hence spending time on creating bills with same format and different amounts isn’t a smarter approach. You can save your precious time and gently design your permanent Excel invoicing templates once at for a while. These templates will not only save your time but will maintain consistency in your invoicing. Every time you need to generate a new bill, just open the template, update details and mail them to the client.

These templates will also help you in keeping a track of invoices issued to particular client with sequential invoice number. On each invoice, you can add multiple sessions of consultancy regardless of order, but yeah keep the dates proper.




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