A construction company invoice template list all the work you have completed for the company and the charging price. The construction invoice templates help you to avoid paperwork. This template can save your time and you can do things in a good way. You send construction invoice to your client so both of you have a record of price and work.

Construction Company Invoice Template

Construction business needs much to get done every day. This will make your business run smoother. The construction invoice makes it easier at the end to calculate how much profit your business is. By using this you can make sure that you receive a reasonable amount from your client in time. This Construction invoice template is simple to use, quick to create and completely professional.

Construction Company Invoice Template

Company Details

The top left box includes details of the company:

  • Company Name: You will write complete name of your company here.
  • Address: Input complete address of your company.
  • Fax Number: Write active fax number.
  • Phone Number: Phone number of your company so your clients can contact you if they have a problem.
  • Email: Email address of your company.

Construction Invoice Details

An invoice is a bill from seller to buyer and verifies the agreement between them of the goods or services.

  • Invoice Number: Invoice number ensures proper documentation of charges. It is a unique code to keep track of each payment. For example, the first invoice number of 2017 could be 170001 and second would be 170002.
  • Reference: A reference number related to this invoice only.
  • Date: The date on which invoice is issued to the client. It is usually the same day when you send the good.

Customer/Client Detail

Here you input the name of your client or customer. And write the accepted billing period your company uses. Billing period can be weekly, monthly, semi-annual and yearly.

Items Details

  • Description: Write the complete detail of the product. Making the description more detail will make them feel better as they can see the complete details of things.
  • Rate: You will input the rate of your product here.
  • Quantity: Quantity of each product.
  • Amount: This represents the details of the total amount for a product by multiplying the rate of a product with its quantity. The amount is a brief description of every product transactions.

Total Invoice Amount

The total includes a subtotal of all amounts, profit and overheads, total taxable amount, sales tax charges in percentage, other levies and then the total of all these is written below.

The last two boxes are of signature and comment. An authorized person will sign in the signature box. In comment or notes box, you will write some important notes or comments if necessary.

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