Change Management Plan Templates Excel Download

Change Management Plan Template is use to define the procedure for observing and controlling change on the project. Change management template concerns with changes to the project scope, project plans, and documents. Effective change in management is vital to complete a project successfully. The Management Plan Template guides what steps must happen before considering change and before it is approve and implement.

Change Management Plan Template

Making change does not affect the schedule for the project. Change can affect budget, risk, quality and require human resources. By controlling and observing change, we provide more freedom and space for our project to succeed. Change Management plan is finest develop during the initial phase of project planning. By using Change Management Template, a project is well position to finish within the budget and on schedule.


change management plan

Why use Change Management Plan Template?

Change Management Plan Template provides a scenario and strategy to deal with change. It defines the processes such as submitting a change request to Change Control Board for reviewing and how changes will be determine. A plan can provide details on how the change will be manage by defining the type and sphere of the change, roles and budget requirements, stakeholder’s management, and other related information. Change Management Plan Template helps to make a plan base on the culture and objectives of an organization and further the characteristics of the given change.

This Free Change Management Plan Template is the key to saving time, easing stress and reducing cost scenarios. Change Plan Template can also serve as tools for strategist, controlling and implementing the Change Management Policy.

The Change Management Plan Template will also help you to:

  • Describe the rules, process, tools, and stakeholders that are important to manage any change.
  • Determines how the request for any change will be approve, test, and assess regarding likely impact on the budget, scope, and schedule.
  • Manage the change as it is implement.
  • Ensures that change will be handle proactively as it occurs and the change is coordinate across the project.
  • Establish a better financial performance, reduce delays in project completion, improve accountability and on-time deliverables.

This Free Change Management Plan Template helps the project managers by specifying change, arranging a change control board and defining the change control processes. The template is helpful for any type of change such as Scheduling Changes, Budget Changes, and Scope Changes.

Download complete set of Project Management Plan Templates

Resource Plan Templates For Project Managers

Want to do resource planning smarter? Project managers are responsible for using resources efficiently therefore free resource plan templates for project managers is now added here! To tell the truth the secret between success of most difficult projects is using all the resources smartly! Moreover, there are different types of resources available in the organization and dealing with all require strategy. Which can be built using this premium quality excel sheet!

Resource Plan Templates for Project Managers

Speaking about this, your project success completely lie on the fact that if require resources are available and how efficiently you are allocating them for the project! Furthermore, they are also requiring for other operations in the company, therefore there must be a plan which is beneficial for all! What type of human resource is requiring for project A?


Resource plan template for project managers’ format and specifications

Go through our range of free excel templates and understand their format and specifications as well:

Excel based resource plan templates for project managers

Complete your project successfully with this template:

  • As a matter of fact, according to the recent survey, 97% of projects face failure due to no planning for using the resources smartly! With this excel worksheet; you can reduce the risk of project failure with better resource planning!
  • Not to mention this, at any day, your project team can simply start working without dealing with the struggle to find the resources and then starting the working! This means better goal achievement % than usual!
  • On he other hand, there is better flow between the work activities and your project team can ensure milestones achievement on time! Look out for the project timeline and make any changing if require!

Free resource plan templates for project managers

Identify the right resources at the right time with this free excel worksheet:

  • As an illustration, for each of the project stage, there are certain numbers of people require to fill each role and you can now identify them with free resource plan template!
  • What is even best is that you can see the start and end dates for the each resource filled! This means you can now plan for the future with help of this template!
  • As a matter of fact, free resource plan template for project managers come actually free, therefore you can simply make it part of any business or project in the start as well! Calendar and table view is available!

Resource capacity planning excel template download

Have a complete look on the resources available with this stylish template:

  • Not to mention this, you are able to plan smartly if you have all the data available with you about all the resources and using them in the most efficient manner!
  • In particular, you can now identify human resources and equipment resources separately! This means you can have focus on all at a single platform!
  • What is total amount of raw material require to accomplish the project? identify this with our free templates!

Resource Plan Templates

Stakeholder Analysis Template Excel Free Download

Stakeholder analysis is a technique vital to winning people and is crucial for the planning and execution of a project. Stakeholders are important in business and mega projects. Stakeholder analysis template let you decide the real stakeholders, their impact, and role in working.

Stakeholder Analysis Template Excel Format

The benefit of stakeholder analysis to any organization include gathering opinions at the initial stage of the project which is vital to develop a communication plan. Stakeholder’s main goal is to build a strong and cooperative relationship between stakeholder and the project manager to complete the project successfully.

Stakeholder analysis (stakeholder mapping) is an important step to start a new project. It impact on individuals, community leaders, groups and other organizations. Stakeholders can be external as well as internal.

stakeholder analysis template

Stakeholders analysis templates are helpful to identify the stakeholders for your project, on the basis of their influence level. While creating a stakeholder analysis template for reliable results, insert this useful and productive information in your template.

Stakeholder Analysis Template Features

  • First, identify and write down all the stakeholders. Minor and major both stakeholders should be mentioned here. A stakeholder can be any group or individual.
  • List down the key member if the stakeholder is a team or group and find their influence and shares in the project in percentage (%).
  • Check whether you can fulfill their needs or not.
  • If your project includes customers then mention them as stakeholders.
  • After listing down all stakeholders, define their types whether they are reviewer, providers or output deliverer etc.
  • By completing these steps, you can prioritize your stakeholders.

It is not important to have a long list of individual stakeholders. All stakeholders cannot be in your favor because some of them can have different opinions. Some may be interested in your work while others are not interested, some have powers to block you or make you grow. So, use stakeholder analysis templates to contact with your key personnel.

You should use MS Excel in all such cases to find more exclusive and influential results for your project. Stakeholder Analysis template helps you in controlling any sort of database on its utility and implied functions of Excel.

Why You Must Use Stakeholder Analysis Templates

Making business decision is not an easy task but having experts can handle these problems. The stakeholder analysis templates are important and specially designed to help you to contact vital person. All of these templates include defined headers, sections, and areas that can help you to find out most experienced and professional stakeholders so they can ensure smooth working of current business or project.

You can download and customize stakeholder analysis templates to create a balance between a stakeholder and the project manager. You can also edit and replace the headers and sections according to your preferences to ensure that your project runs successfully.

By specifying the purpose of use you can find hundreds of free designs of stakeholder template for Excel, and you can customize them for yours personalize use.

Stakeholder Analysis

Gantt Chart Template Excel Free Download

Gantt chart is a type of horizontal bar chart use to visualize different tasks like the name of starting task, start and end date of task and duration of the task. It provides a graphical illustration of different tasks in a project. You can make Excel Gantt charts in Microsoft excel.

Gantt Chart Template Excel Free Download

A Gantt chart is more commonly use in project management and it is very useful for showing different tasks of a project. It shows the start and end date of a project. A Gantt chart shows you what you will do in different task and when will you do. You can also use Gantt chart to show the percentage of project complete.

Project Management Gantt Chart

It would be so much challenging to juggle 10 or 12 balls at once. You would have to keep your eye on all of the balls, and you have to know when to catch each of them. If you missed a single ball, this could destroy your whole performance.

Project management gantt chart is same like this. You have to control a large number of different tasks or activities to successfully complete or incomplete your project and ensure that the project is complete within the time. A Gantt chart excel template helps you to avoid these mistakes and helpful to complete tasks in time.



In this Gantt chart, you schedule a project and write the starting and ending date of that project and how many months, it will take to complete. This is useful to give you a perfect start to visualize your project. You divide your project in multiple tasks. You give different tasks to everyone in your team and this helps to complete the project in less time. Plenty of time is left to remove different errors or mistakes in project.

Monthly Task Manager

When you make a Gantt chart for your project, you think about all tasks involve in your project. You will tell your team, who will be responsible for a certain task. And what problems you and your team can face during completing your project.

In this Gantt chart the project is divided into multiple tasks and each task has a starting and ending date. How many months it will take to complete a task. You can give different colors to your task such as red, blue, purple etc.

Task management includes:

  • The start date and end date.
  • What the tasks actually is.
  • Who will work on that task.
  • Total duration of the task.
  • How tasks are link with each other.
  • Give tasks different colors according to team members.

On the right side, a calendar is shown which represents different tasks base on their colors.

gantt chart template