Construction Management Plan Templates Excel

Construction Management Plan Templates help you to organize, approve, record, monitor, confirm various details to assist you to explain and implement your construction plans with ease. Having these construction templates enable you to track the progress, enlist all the essential information, sourcing construction material, specify your budget and further details to make construction project management simple and swift.

Construction Management Plan Templates

Excel templates provide an easy way to organize your construction project. It is challenging to manage construction projects because they involve lots of detail and documentation. Missing a detail can affect the project schedule and end up costing time and money. Construction project management templates make all this achievable for project managers. To fulfill your purposes, you can also customize these templates according to your demands.


construction management plan

Construction Timeline Template

This Excel template allows the project managers to record all duration and activities to make a timeline. Construction timeline template provides a starting point for managing and scheduling. Having a timeline can guide the project, enlist all the necessary tasks to complete the project and the project manager can determine the earliest ending date of the project. Creating a timeline and sticking to it is the pillar of construction project management.

Gantt Chart Template Excel Free Download

Construction management has different phases and various tasks depending on each other. A single incomplete task can delay the dependent tasks and this will delay the completion of the entire project. Using this project timeline template will help you to track the development of your project, estimate the total duration, track the starting and ending dates, find risks early and complete the project within the time.

Construction Estimator Template

This template helps the project managers to make estimates of the costs of a project. The construction estimator template will aid the project managers in early budgeting, initial assessment and allocating the resources. Making accurate estimation is vital to the accurate budget. Use this template to list the necessary work, costs, and total budget.

Project Expense Tracking Template Excel Free Download

Use construction project management template to get all important details (such as subcontractor and suppliers contact information) you need to estimates costs in one place. You can add as many details as you like to estimates accurate costs.

Daily and Weekly Construction Reports

It’s important to check the development of your construction project on regular basis. Scheduling the project status on a daily or weekly basis is useful to visually inspect the progress of the project. This inspection reports template also helps you to document the work progress, working hours, materials and identify potential risks.

Having daily reports of workers, it is easy for project management team to conduct weekly inspections using this Excel template.

Construction Punch List Template

Punch list template helps to check whether all parts of the contract are met. Gathering all dispersed information in one place together becomes easier. Having a punch list can help project managers to keep track of all changing priorities and scheduling adjustments. This Excel template can make more effective inspection procedure and reduce inaccuracy.

Using this template is a perceptive idea that offers you a rapid and decent solution to create a punch list. You can get a professional punch list template with professional level accuracy in the shortest period of time.

These are the ideal templates to successfully complete your construction project with ease. Use and share these templates and for more use

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Top 10 Project Management Excel Templates

There are many project management templates in Excel which are most useful in project management. Here, you will find the top project management templates in this article. These tools are important to develop a strategy before you start planning for your project. This makes sure that you don’t give up anything crucial.

Project Management Excel Templates

Whether you are a new project manager in learning stage or a pro with project management, you can always add some new tools and resources to your set of tools. After all, having challenges of projects and expectations of investors are enough to slope up your stress to a huge level. This list of top project management templates will aid you during any phase of every project. This will make project management simple, less of a commotion and save you time (and headaches) since you don’t have to begin by filling notebooks with a scrap of papers.

Gantt Chart Template

A Gantt chart is one of the most popular tools to schedule your tasks and their dependencies during the project lifecycle. This template helps the project managers to easily visualize their project. A Gantt chart has task names, starting and ending dates with total duration and shows which tasks depend on each other for a complex project.

Be quick to download this Gantt chart template to find an easy way to schedule your project and share with your team to keep them on the same page.

Project Tracker Template

Project tracker template is useful to organize everything in the project well and stay current on as the project progress. With this free template, you can add tasks to-do, current status, priorities, deliverables, budget, work hour, and other important things for your full project.

Once you combine the project and tracking template into the project management, you can get a clear visual on the project and can also update the project.

Project Risk Tracking Template

Projects have hidden risks and they can affect project budget and deadlines. Using project risk tracking template, you can discover risks and their impact on the project. You can take back your project to its track without allowing the risks to affect your project.

Now you can identify risks early in the project and have time to plan to defeat these risks speedily with this free Excel project risk tracking template.

Budgeting Tracker Template

To stay on budget throughout the project lifecycle, use this free project budgeting tracker template and stay attentive to your spending’s. Without financial backing to pay for the project, every plan is useless. Project budgeting is one of the main steps to complete the project successfully.

You can easily compare your estimated and actual budget, cover all your costs and with this Excel template, the numbers will more correct.

Project Issue Tracker Template

When you are managing a project, you can overlook some possible issues. However, if you didn’t solve these issues, this can disturb your entire project and affect deliverables sooner or later. So, what to do when this happens? Just track those issues and bugs and solve them with the help of this free project issue tracking template.

First, you have to identify issues and solve these issues as soon as possible. This template helps you to collect information quickly and ensures to document every single step to resolve the issue.

Work Breakdown Structure Template

The work breakdown structure (WBS) template helps to produce the basic structure of a project. It is a crucial tool to plan and execute the project. This template represents the work of a project and how to evolve the project’s schedule.

You will find this WBS template useful for your projects whether you are new to project management or a pro for many years. You can use this template to develop your project schedule, costs, and resources requirements. Download this template to save your lots of minutes and simplify the process of designing work breakdown structure.

Project Timeline Template

A project timeline template is helpful to visualize complex information in a way which is simple to understand. It offers a handy calendar to track your project progress. You can easily identify possible delays, you can monitor when you project task will complete, and many more.

A project timeline is satisfying for any size of the project, especially when you have to share project status with associates and stakeholders. You can easily update project development, track the deliverables, and check present status of the project anywhere, anytime by simply downloading this template.

To-Do List Template

With multiple active parts in a project, to-do list template helps you to target the most important tasks of your project. You can group the tasks by date, priorities, and status. View your priorities for the whole week. You may also manage your due dates on the daily and hourly basis.

Share this with your project team to generate clarity and make sure that not a single task is incomplete. Use this template mutually to keep track of your tasks and due dates.

Project Scope Management Template

Scope management plan template guides the project managers to develop a scope management plan. When we about project scope, we cite to the sum of all the project work which include activities, services, results and the products. managing the project scope can ensure the successful completion of all the work of a project and nothing more.

Scope management ensures that we only include only the necessary work for the successful completion of the project. By implementing a good plan and structure to scope management, one can complete the deliverables without risks. This is an important tool for project success.

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Project Expense Tracking Template Excel Free Download

Project Expense Tracking Template is a necessary tool for project management to track expenses. As every project has a fix budget, so if you want to stick to the budget then expense tracking will keep you update about current and upcoming expenditures.

Project Expense Tracking Template

These templates keep a checklist of flow of resources to invest in a specific project. Such tracking templates make sure the correct amount if the investment is done on the project to increase the profit margin. This template helps to decide the amount of investment and contain details of all investment to provide a clear idea of profit.

Why You Need a Project Expense Tracking Template?

A project is consisting of tasks that lead to the success of a project. This process isn’t free. This template helps in this process that need resources, such as a contract with suppliers or vendors, hiring a project team, and a bunch of necessary items. That’s where the budget tracking comes in early stages of the project. It’s critical to calculate the cost of these things as possible to get funds and don’t go over.


project expense tracking

The expense tracking template helps you to estimate accurate budget and track your expenses perfectly. There’s lots of concern in managing the project, which makes it difficult to track the expenses. But with this excel project expense tracking template you can create a financial structure to perform this task easily.

Benefits of Using Project Expense Tracking Template:

This project expense tracking tool ensures a secure and precise flow of resources for successful implementation of numerous projects. It provides detail of all important investment on the projects to make it simple to manage series of investments.

Key benefits:

  • Explain the theme of a project.
  • Tracks the project budget.
  • Specify overall amount to invest.
  • Describe currently accessible resources.
  • Monitor expenses efficiently.
  • Describe the pros and cons of investing in a project.
  • Easy to use in excel format.
  • Saves times in formatting.


This project template helps to keep all investment done on a project. This template not only helps to check the outflow of all investments but also provide a decent and standard way of implementing the project. For further assessment, it can keep all your expenses record by daily, weekly or monthly.

To make sure that you are not paying the extra amount for any expense, the tracking template gives you an upper hand. These templates are handy tools to pattern your expenses and know whether you are saving or spending too much.

Our Solution:

Are you trying to set and keep track of your project’s overall budget expenses?

We provide you this updated template to set and keep track of all your expenses for your project. It will help you to monitor your expenses/budget easily before, during and after your project.

Download this template now and it will easily fit your own project.

Staff Management Plan Template Excel Download

Staff Management Plan Template helps to organize, manage and lead your project team. Project team members include people who have different roles and responsibilities to complete the project. Project team (project staff) have various skill sets and the involvement of all members in “project planning” and “decision making” is profitable. Presence of staff members adds their proficiency in the planning process and enhances their commitment to the project.

Project Staff Management Plan Template

The template enables you to make human resources (HR) Plan or staff management plan. This plan describes the roles and responsibilities of every individual member for a project as the project manager designate. HR management is one of the key processes to select and assemble a team. It helps to develop a plan and determine how you will meet the requirements to get human resources. At the initial stage, having a sample plan, you identify high-level staffing requirements.


The Processes of Project Human Resource Plan are:

  1. Planning human resource management.
  2. Acquiring project team.
  3. Developing project members.
  4. Managing the team.

HR plan defines the processes of selection, managing, estimating, and developing to make sure members possess all the experience and expertise in project success.

staff management plan

Staffing Management Plan includes:

Staffing plan or human resource (HR) plan involves a list of people you wish on the project, their skills, reporting hierarchy, duration requirement, roles and responsibilities, resource slope up plan, resource usage during the life of the project, training development, organizational charts, and release criteria. This plan includes:

  • How to get resources.
  • Staff acquisition.
  • Calendar of skills and resources sets.
  • Training obligatory to develop skills.
  • How to conduct performance reports.
  • Reward and appreciation system.
  • Staff release plan.
  • Compliance and safety.

Understanding the Purpose:

Before staffing your project, understanding the purpose of your project is essential. First, you must figure out what are the business goals of your project and other relevant objectives. Because without having a clear idea about the upcoming result, it’s difficult to staff the finest resources for your project.

Spending time on deliberating on the purpose of your project and then try to find out staffing needs. Focus on different skills vital for project execution, then it will easy to understand what staff you require.

Who is involved:

  • Project Manager and Project Sponsor.

Why use Staff Management Template?

This template plays a major role in project management. Since resources are most vital parts to execute the project activities, this staffing template gives clear idea about your staffing requirements. Having a proper plan for human resource ensures success. The template aids in management for all projects by defining responsibilities, a time when you require a resource, and training requirements.

Download our template to get a jumping start for your plan.

Risk Management Plan Template Excel Project Manager

Risks are not naturally acceptable – sometimes if you take a risk it can lead you to a huge benefit. However, risks do represent anxiety and ambiguity, but having a project risk management plan template help you to have a clear understanding of possible risks and make decisions with certainty.

Risk Management Plan Template

Risk management guides you to identify risks, evaluate them to fix their possible impact on the project, and develop and implement the methods to fix every potential risk. Risk management planning helps to implement a plan to lessen the risks by showing what actions to take. Using the Risk Plan, you can control and monitor risks efficiently to increase the chances of success.


risk management plan

This planning template helps project managers to find data relevant to possible risks and measure impacts. The project manager is responsible to determine risks and establish a lasting plan. The risk planning is a continuing process throughout the life of the project. The primary target of developing this plan is to reduce the possibility of risk occurrence and its distinct impact. The plan should restrict both low and high impact and every detectable risk.

Purpose of risk management plan and why it is useful?

The purpose of risk management plan is to create a to identify risks, avoid the risks, and manage them for the project. Identifying risks early in the project is possible by “Effective Risk Planning”, so the prevention effort can avoid any impact of those risks. It will describe the procedures to identify risk owners, how to assess, and track the risks.

Steps to build a plan:

  1. Risk identification.
  2. Analysis.
  3. Response planning.
  4. Risk plan implementation.
  5. Tracking, monitoring, and control.

A Risk Management Plan is important for a well-organized approach to effective “Risk Management”, the plan helps to produce a roadmap for (Risk Planning), boost objectivity and helps block main elements being forgotten.

Importance of having this Project Management Plan Template

How you manage risks? Use this Project Plan Template and arm yourself with risk management plan, risk register, risk assessment meeting guide and meeting agenda and you will get everything to monitor and manage risks in your project. Add technical members of your team, stakeholders, and experts for such matters when monitoring and managing the risks.

Use this Planning Template to:

  • Figure out the risks to which your project is exposed.
  • Make an effective plan to avoid losses or lessen the impact.
  • Categorize and prioritize risks
  • Take proper actions to reduce them.
  • Enable improved project performance.
  • Identify the risk impact of the project if it does occur.
  • Secure the position and public image of your organization.
  • Increase the balance of operations.

You wish to find out how to identify, analyze and manage risks related to your project. This template will help you to identify, analyze and manage the risks associated with your project during the project lifecycle. This risk management template check out your plan based on these areas: Process, Identification, Reduction, Risk Register, and Approval. The tools associated with this template will fully complete your plan.

Download Now: Project Management Plan Templates

Schedule Management Plan Templates Excel Docs

Schedule management plan templates provides the guidelines for how the project will accomplish. Schedule is the very significant for any plan that provides by the project team leader, senior people of the management, or the person who want to complete that plan. This is the complete picture of your plan at any given interval.

Schedule Management Plan Template

Schedule Management Plan Template provides a plan for creating the rules to create, execute, watch and control the project schedule. Schedule Management Plan created at the starting phase of the project which provides the starting and ongoing guidelines till define milestone have achieved. Project Schedule is managed in the whole life of the project and Schedule Management Plan defines how it will happen.


schedule management plan templates

Who creates the Schedule Management Plan?

Schedule Management Plan is created by the project team leader or the project manager who collect the information and required material from the project participant.

Project manager have the overall responsibility for schedule management. Following people are considered the schedule management responsibilities;

Roles and Responsibility
schedule management
Inputs of Schedule Management Plan

Inputs of Schedule Management Plan includes the plans, statements (projects goals, roles of responsibilities, identifies the main stakeholders, and the level of authority of project manager) of goals in a project, enterprise environmental factors (all environmental factors at influence the project’s success) and process assets (plan, process, rules, procedure etc.).

How we use the Schedule Management Plan?

Schedule Management Plan is a tool to monitor and control the project. So, the overall activities in the plan are managed by the schedule which is created before start working on the plan. All define activities are done on the planned schedule.

Schedule Process

In this section we will discuss about the Schedule Process for developing the project schedule.

Project Scheduler will schedule development initiate schedule development by adding to the schedule the deliverables found in the project work breakdown structure (WBS). Work Breakdown Structure also known asContract Work Breakdown Structureor CWBS. It is key project deliverables that organizes team work into smaller components. Following are the components of the schedule process which are the given below in the diagram.


Defines Activities

Work Breakdown Structure give rise to in Work Packages. These Work Packages are used to create activity process. Each activity is then valued, scheduled, watched and managed. Thus, these activities should be small. Sequence of these activities is the next process. To define activities, a project manager needs two critical things:

  • Scope baseline (statement, WBS and WBS dictionary)
  • Availability of a project team


Milestones are acting deliverables of the project schedule. A summary of milestones is included in the project agreement. Controlling the project, a project manager can impose milestones during the Sequence Activities.

Sequence Activities

In sequence activities process, these activities and milestones are sequenced in the order of work performance. The output of Sequence Activities is a Network Diagram also known as project schedule network diagram.

Leads and Lags

A lead is used to show that an activity can start before its last started activity is completed. A lag is presented waiting time between activities, such as needing to wait for completion of the application testing before last roll-out of the application.

Download Project Schedule Templates.

Project Scope Management Plan Templates Excel

Project Scope Management Plan Template helps the project manager to develop the Scope Management Plan. It’s the template that helps efficient and timely consideration of every Scope Management Process.

Project Scope Management Plan Template

It provides a way to explain the project scope, how it will be develop, monitor, control and verify. Without Effective Scope Management, the chances for project successful completion are low. The project manager supervises the project scope to complete all the work of a project and nothing more. The template also describes the role and responsibility of each individual link to a project.


project management plan

When we consider project scope, we refer the sum of all activities, products, results, and services that are distributed as the project. Scope Management Plan Template is design to provide the sum of all the project work. The Scope Management Plan is an ancillary plan of a Project Management Plan.

Who creates the Scope Management Plan?

A project manager develops the Scope Management Plan. For most projects, the project manager requires inputs from others as the project scope is describe. Inputs to Scope Management consist of accept ancillary plans of the Scope Management Plan, the project document, project environmental factors and organizational process assets.

Why use this Project Scope Management Plan Template?

Good Scope Management Process ensure that all recommend and compulsory work is include in the project to complete the project. This Scope Management Plan Template will help you to make a well plan and structure Scope Management Process for your project. As a project manager, it is your liability to make sure Effective Scope Management during the project lifecycle by implementing well-structure and plan approach to Scope Management.


A vital element of Project Management is the capability to maintain the project scope from its initiation to closure. This Scope Management Template enables you to make a framework for Effective Scope Management Plan. All important details and information about project nature are enclosed in this Management Plan. The several stages to create a Scope Management Plan are:

  • Collecting the requirements
  • Assigning roles and responsibilities
  • Defining scope and creating work breakdown structure (WBS)
  • Monitor and validate scope
  • Manage and control scope

It also helps to translate end-user requirements into deliverables. This Scope Plan Template also helps in communication that must occur between different groups or parties make sure the success of a project.

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Cost Management Plan Templates Excel Free Download

Cost Plan facilitates to make a Cost Management Plan, one of the most critical plans of a project. Without having a Cost Management, costs can be uncontrollable and escalate out of managing will result in a project being closed too soon.

Cost Management Plan Template

The Cost Management Plan Template enables you to monitor, control and manage costs throughout the lifecycle of a project to make sure the delivery of end product within the allowed budget.

Cost Management Plans are the most vital areas and responsibilities for a project manager. Poor Cost Management Plan of a project is one of the main reasons behind a project failed to obtain its target. The Template helps you to plan, monitor and manage carefully so that the ongoing problems can be reduced to zero.

Why use this Cost Management Plan Template?

Cost control and estimation is key to the project’s success. This Cost Management Template helps you in Cost Management Plan which is the major part of any project. The template will outline the criteria and activities which must be executed as a part of Project Management.

This template provides a planning structure critical to control the costs of the project and keep them within the allowed budget. The Cost Plan Template will provide cost estimates, determine the budget and control the costs. Using a Cost Management Plan will lessen the need for a clearly defined Cost Management Plan.

The processes of Cost Management are:

  • Plan project cost management.
  • Estimate cost.
  • Determine cost.
  • Control cost.


cost management plan

Cost Management introduces the activities concerning managing a project’s budget. Effective Management assures that the project is completed on budget and according to the planned scope. Cost management is the prime element of a project outcome.

Cost Management Purpose:

Cost Management Template describes how a project manager will manage and control the costs during the life of a project. This template helps you to set the scheme and standards by which the costs of a project are estimated, determined, and controlled.

This Cost Management Plan Template also helps you to:

  • Identify who is responsible to manage costs.
  • Identify who can make/approve changes to the project’s budget.
  • How cost is estimated and reported.

The Major Output of This Cost Management Plan Template:

This template mainly direct to find out the cost of every single activity and determine the budget of a project. Then, controlling and managing the project budget to complete the project within the allowed budget.

This Cost Management Template maintains a direction and provides a guidance on how to manage the costs during the project lifecycle. For example, you can find out how much money you need in certain phases of a project by using the template.

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Procurement Management Plan Templates Excel

Procurement Management Plan Template is crucial for a project successful completion as it describes the important steps and responsibilities to bring all the resources and services required throughout the implementation cycle. The Procurement Management Template defines the procedure for managing procurement. A Procurement Plan helps you to identify the products you need to take from external suppliers.

Procurement Management Plan Template

A Procurement Management Plan will help you to identify the requirements for the project and will guide you to get the final contract. The Procurement Plan Template addresses important issues such as which items should be procured, how the contract will approve, help you identify the risks, how the cost will be determined, and on what decisions will be based.

Why use this Procurement Management Plan Template?

It is much important to make a Procurement Plan when you have to purchase items from external suppliers. Using this free Procurement Management Plan Template, you can describe the procurement requirements, can find potential suppliers, contract the selected suppliers and guide govern them to ensure delivery. Procurement Management Planning is vital to the successful completion of every project. By using the Procurement Management Template, you can implement these steps speedily and efficiently.


procurement management plan

This Procurement Management Template sets a procurement framework for the project. it serves as a pilot for managing procurement requirements throughout the life of a project. This template describes the items to be procured, type of contracts, approval process, and decision criteria.

This Procurement Management Template helps you to:

  • Identify your procurement requirements and services.
  • Define all the items you require to procure.
  • Make a sound financial justification to procure them.
  • List down all the tasks to procure your products.
  • Provide a schedule for those tasks by allocating resources and time-frames.
  • Provide a better sense of when the procurement process should start for every item.

The Procurement Plan Template gives a concise analysis of the process requirements important to manage procurement of the needs. This free Procurement Plan Template includes the following processes:

  • First, identify what to procure and then give a timeline for purchase.
  • Identification of external service providers and suppliers.
  • Proposal or bids and selecting a supplier and service provider.
  • Make a good relation with service provider/supplier.
  • Contract end.

Procurement Management Plan Purpose

Use the Procurement Management Plan Template to identify the procurement requirements framework for the project. This template will serve as a guide for monitoring and managing procurement throughout the lifecycle of the project.

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Communication Management Plan Templates Free

Communication management plan template defines how in a project, the communication will be observe, structure, planned and control. Management plan template can analyze and determine how different groups and team members will communicate critical information during the project for status, meetings, quality, issues, deliverables access, design and document reviews.

Communication Management Plan Template

Communication Plan Template helps the team and groups determine and understand the kind of communication structure to complete the project successfully. Project management template helps to manage all formal communications with the project stakeholders properly. This template establishes a feedback loop to keep everyone up to date.

Why you need this communication management plan template?

Communication is the backbone of any successful project. Using a communication management plan template can assure you that the project documentation, messages, data, and reports are clear and more effective. This free communication plan template defines a way to transfer information to your project team members and stakeholders so that they are heard properly.

A communication plan will also not the goals, procedure, stakeholders, and activities as they are related to communications. If you are working on a large project with many resources, managers, and team members then you will need a well-structure delivery for communications.

Effective Communication describes a way for successful project management and project completion. One of the benefits of communication management template is that it defines the communication requirements for Constructing Expansion Project during the project lifecycle. It also defines the requirements, frequency, media, and distribution to make sure that the information is transmit properly in time and consistent fashion.

This free communication management plan enables you to know:

  • With whom you need to communicate.
  • How to conduct the communication.
  • What are the things to communicate?
  • When to communicate.


communication management plan

This Template includes:

  • The purpose of the plan and its approach.
  • What are the communication goals and its main objectives?
  • Communication roles.
  • Tools for communication and methods.
  • High-level project communication messages.

Moving forward with This Project Management Plan Templates

By creating Communication Management Plan at the initial stage of your project will take less effort but will buy you a lot of time when you are knee deep in deliverables. This template will help you to manage it on regular basis to save you a lot of headaches and give you a great chance to complete your project successfully.

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