Travel Agency Invoice Template Excel Free Download

Do you run a travel agency? Well, that’s great and when you ask your clients for payments, remember to have your billing a professional and efficient structure through a Travel Agency Invoice Template. Such templates are helpful for you to mention the services you offer, along with concise information and price break-up.

Travel Agency Invoice Template

It also allows clients to know what they have to pay for arrangements which the travel agency is offering them. The travel service invoice templates mainly consist of details relevant to invoice numbers, information of the destination, another type of services, traveler information, payments details, and other services and similar details of the travel company.

Travel Invoice:

Travel service invoice is essentially a way of authentication to keep the record of both travel and traveling company. It may include all important details related to the tour like fate, mode of travel, no. of travelers, payment details and further about services.


travel agency invoice template

A travel agency can use this manually or on a computer using MS Excel. Its become very simple to design a travel service invoice personally. In fact, it is now easily available in the form of a ready tool on the market.

Why is Travel Agency Invoice Template Important?

Traveling invoice template is a great tool for agencies to easily create an invoice form in a shortest possible time. It is easy and simple to use and fully customizable tool that allows its users to determine and regulate costs which they earn from their client during their tour to parts of the world.

Another critical factor of this exclusive template is its ability to arrange useful spacing to enter vital information regarding the current location, no. of travelers and dates of different tours with many other necessary details.

This template has all the information about traveling from one place to another. It important for traveling agencies to issue these invoices for their clients to show them all the details of their travel, ticket, and about further facilities like meals and stays.

Traveling agencies can now record and analyze their services for their clients along with calculating costs to help them plan their upcoming trip more effectively. These invoice templates are productive for travel agencies and they can customize them simply with their own special package details for vacations.

Free Download Travel Invoice Template:

This splendid tool is completely simple and you can easily download this travel agency invoice template form our website.

Travel Agency Invoice Template

Medical Shop Billing Invoice Template Excel Free

Medical shop billing invoice template is a slip issue to the customer who purchase some item from a medical store. It is a written slip given by the medical store to his/her buyer. It indicates the transaction of that company. Moreover, it keeps record about the services and the company.


It is a detail about the medical company and the items buy by the customer it’s a brief detail in a small slip about the services and transactions .It is suitable for hospital, clinic’s who issue’s bill. It can issue by a doctor a physician etc.




Medical shop billing invoice template is written record of a medical shop services. It consist ‘s of:

  • A logo / a place holder
  • After that there is your medical store name .
  • A slogan
  • Street address
  • City name street name or a zip code
  • Phone number
  • Web address

Secondly, there would be a ( medical invoice ) written on top which indicates it as an official document.

Moreover, it keeps record about items, medicines buy, services given, transactions etc..

it also requires a feedback from the buyer to tell whether the services were satisfying or not.


Format of medical shop billing invoice template may slightly differ from one another but generally they are same.

in an invoice template at the right top you will have the name of your hospital clinic beneath that there will be the address and zip code then there will be phone number, email and web address beside that there will date and location. Secondly, there will be the description of the items quantity of the items, total price given price and return cash at last there will be a feedback detail and that’s all.


Medical shop billing invoice template is being use in medical shop, pharmacy , hospital , clinic, so that they may give their customers a written record which will be convenient for both of them.


Mechanic Invoice Template Excel Free Download

Mechanic invoice template is a template or a slip given by a mechanic to the customer. For example, if you are in a garage and are repairing a car the mechanic there will give you a paper on which there will your bill and description basically, that slip is called mechanic invoice template.


Moreover, if you have an electronic and it’s not working you will go to the electronic mechanic and submit that electronic their he will repair that for you and give you a slip with description same like the person in the garage this slip is called mechanic invoice template. Its an instant record of that company, their transactions and their services slightly in a piece of paper.


mechanic invoice template


Intentionally, mechanic invoice template can use in all that places where thing are being repair.

It is use in a car garage because car’s are being repair there.

Secondly , they are use by plumbers in fitting and renovations of pipes and tap’s.

It is also use in electronic repairing shop or a mobile repairing shop.

Lastly, they are also being used in a computer repairing shop.


Mechanic invoice template is a slight details which consist of just a few components not any briefing require.

  • Date
  • State/ address
  • Phone number
  • Work description
  • Labor charges
  • Service Amount
  • Total amount


Format of mechanic invoice template is very simple . you don’t require any kind of authentication. In a mechanic invoice template at the top there is your service name and address below that there is a zip code your name after that there is description labor charges, service charges and at the end there is total price.

Mechanic invoice template makes record easily and it is convenient for both consumer and customer that’s why it is use so frequently.

mechanic invoice template

Rental Business Invoice Template Free Download

Specifically if you are looking for free high-quality, invoice template for your rental business or for the property rented out, you are at right place! Browse and choose a template of your choice, from wide range of worksheets available here. To tell the truth, professional landlords need to deal with their tenants professionally & this avoids legal trouble as well. Moreover, you need to rely on the template which can be use for major properties, prevent any sort of confusion as well.


rental business invoice template

Rental Business Invoice Template

Furthermore, standard invoices usually are not suitable to be used for rental business therefore, thee sheets are prepared with help of experts. In fact, this is available for rental persons and real estate agents as well, for making tracking easy and making invoicing easier than ever.

Rental business invoice format

Increase our earning with this ready-to-use excel spreadsheet:

Free rental invoice

  • Specifically, all the required features are part of this template.
  • Start entering your details and it get updated automatically. It helps you in calculations, tracking and recording as well.
  • In a same manner, download this template and use it for all of your rental businesses.
  • Customizable, editable and user friendly.

Blank invoice template for rental business

  • Meanwhile, you are able to generate invoice of your choice.
  • Make it more suitable through adding your, “company name”, “address”, “contact details”, “your rental property name”, “address”, “name of your tenant”, “contact details” & “rest”.
  • It is modern, clean, classic and responsive on any word version.

Rental business invoice ideas

Use these ideas on your invoice to make them even better!

  • You are able to use invoice layout of your choice. In other words, it is even printable as well.
  • Concerning this, you are able to organize invoices and documents professionally.

rental business invoice template

Freelance Invoice Template Excel Free Download

Now you are able to send professional-looking invoices to your customers. Wondering how? Templates are now specifically available for free lancers! In all honesty, as a freelancer, you need to record everything professionally. Moreover, getting paid on time required well-prepared templates and excel is best for this purpose. Now you are able to achieve success easily, with excel invoices!

Freelance Invoice Template Excel

In other words, if you are delivering high-quality job & work on time, definitely you deserves payment on time as well. for this very simple and for leaving positive impact on your most valued clients, freelancers, can now rely on this template. You are free to make changes and make it more compatible with your nature of work!

Components of Freelance Invoice Template

Even, you have access to blank template or the one ready to use, you must be aware of major parts of this invoice. Grab best opportunities online using this sheet:

Printable freelancer invoice

  • It provides scope and ease of use! With this, ready-to-use invoice, you are just ready to go anytime.
  • Above all, you have access to major payment data all the time. (share it with your accountants to save their time)
  • This is equally beneficial for, “project managers”, “small free lancers”, “professional free lancers” & “contractors”.

Pro forma invoice template excel

  • As a matter of fact, planned transactions are always better than instant payments.
  • in other words, you are your accountant, recording down all the details for payment in invoice yourself!
  • Some of the core parts are, “physical address”, “your contact details”, “tax”, “payment made date” & “amount in $$” as well.

Easy billing with blank invoice template

Concerning this, a major reason behind this template is to bring efficiency in invoicing and financials matter. It doesn’t only look great & professional; in fact it can bring down any calculations error as well.

Restaurant Bill Invoice Template Format Excel Free

In restaurants and hotels, billing process is normally frequent and rapid because of excessive customer walking in. Using restaurant bill invoice template helps you generating quick bills for your customers. These templates are required to customize once and then you don’t really need to update things in every bill and draw the whole draft from scratch.

restaurant bill invoice template


Restaurant Bill Invoice Template Format

Excel spreadsheets and their functions helps many small and medium scale businesses to use professional invoicing approach with computerize draft. Using mainframe Excel sheets, you can list all your products and their relevant prices. When require, you can simply select items and their prices with added automatically. It not only saves time but keeps precision and consistency in your bills. Hence invoicing templates are of multiple benefits. Let’s take a look on how to create these restaurant invoices.

Format of Restaurant Invoice Templates

Normally every restaurant would like to develop their own format and layout for their invoices however, there are some general guidelines necessary to impact billing model of food businesses. There are certain parameters that should follow in the generic pattern. Let’s take a look on general restaurant invoice template format;

  • Open a plain Excel spreadsheet and entitle the sheet with your business header
  • Create the sections of date and time with properly applied clock and calendar features of Excel
  • Create a table of products listing for products and items available at restaurant
  • Apply prices of each item and its per unit and apply the function of price selection
  • Also create a section of total bill and apply the formula of sum for the selected prices
  • You can also create cells for applied taxes and discounts if any

As soon as you are done with data entry, save the template and use when needed. As require, open the template, select relevant items to charge for, select their prices and select number of items being order. You will get the grand total in total amount section. You can also set multiple applied costs like taxes and discounts of multiple types.

Advantages of Using Excel Invoicing Templates

Normally it is of routine practices that every business uses computer generate invoices however the question here is, why should we go for simplest of them which are Excel invoicing templates? The prompt answer to this question is already inside the question, simplicity. These templates are no big thing to design and create. Some prominent advantages are list below here;

  • Quick and consistent billing with ease of hand
  • No big expenses for enterprise software application
  • Easy to replicate, update and reuse for various product lines
  • Helps in easy tracking of billing record for any sort of correction or confirmation
  • Timely record keeping with complete analytical outcomes upon applying proper functions
  • These templates also save a lot of time for creating the whole invoice draft from the scratch

Users don’t really need to keep the specifications of template in mind to create a new bill every time.

Download “Restaurant-invoice.xls” Restaurant-receipt.xls – Downloaded 42 times – 35 KB

Retail Invoice Template Format Excel Free Download

There is not much difference in purchase or retail invoice template. For any customer to who buys anything from retailer, this invoice contains the details of products, prices and total bill along with necessary details. Using them, bills can generate quickly, precisely and with consistency in their layout. These templates not only help in rapid and accurate listing of items but also save the time of formatting and identical details placement every time you create a bill.


retail invoice template

Retail Invoice Template Format

There are many other tools for invoicing. Some of them are large scale enterprise solutions and some of them are small scale but expensive options. However once design, these retail invoice templates are the free billing solution for your business. Creating them templates is a little tricky job in which you need to know professional invoice format and the order of details to place.

Format of Retail Invoice

There is no generic format of retail invoices devised out there. Every business or every retailer likes to follow his own design and layout. However it is fact that a certain set of information is always require while generating invoices. For the purpose of record tracking, customer and after sales services and financial management, these parameters are important to note. Let’s take a look on few prominent features that you need to encompass while creating this invoice draft;

  • Open Excel spreadsheet and tart with your business name on the top header of the invoice
  • Write business address and contact details below the name like a professional business header
  • Select a cell on the left side of sheet and create section for date
  • You can also apply the function of update date on Excel spreadsheet
  • You can also set the live time in a cell when the invoice is create
  • Draw a table of four columns for the description of products and their prices
  • First column, write serial or sequence number of the product for billing
  • Next column of description, write names of products and quantities bought
  • Third column, write unit price and mention the prices of each product in right order
  • Last draw the column of total amount and add the sum amount of every product here

At the bottom of this column, you can write the sum of total amount and also, you can create cell with proper functions of tax percentages if applied.

Benefits of Using Excel Invoice Templates

There are certain benefits of using Excel invoice templates. These templates majorly save time of billing and invoicing from the scratch. Also, keep consistency in the invoicing process and allow the concern person to simply update the ready drafts and generate instant bills. In small and large retailing businesses, it becomes soothingly professional to hold identical billing format. Moreover, computerize billing is more acknowledged and acceptable than hand written bills, so yeah! It is equally benefiting here.

Download “retail invoice.docx” Invoice-Template-for-Word.docx – Downloaded 46 times – 14 KB



Purchase Invoice Template Excel Free

In retail businesses, the only verified proof of transaction that can counted for settlements is the purchase invoice template. It is issues to every customer and includes the record of items purchased, amount paid, time and date of transaction for any claim in return. Excel invoice templates very much helpful and easy sort of solution for quick invoicing.

Purchase Invoice Template

purchase invoice template

Usually it will not difficult to generate invoice every time by putting values in new spreadsheet, if the business is a causal. But in case of formal working, it is highly recommended to use business invoicing format and remain consistent in billing layout. These templates save the expense of large accounting and billing software and help business to generate quick invoices. Let’s take a look on how you can create or design your custom invoice template;

Format of Purchase Invoice Template

Before talking about how to create the purchase invoice, let’s we see what is included in this. Normally a general invoice would contain the time of issuance, date of issuance, description products or services being purchased. Their price per unit and the total bill including applied taxes and other charges as well. This will make most of the basic level invoice of purchased items which are usually issued from seller. Depending upon the nature of business and complexity of selling process, there can many other things included. However we have explicitly listed few general points that you need to follow while creating your custom invoice template;

  • Open the plain word document and entitle it with your business name
  • Below the business name, write address and contact number of your selling point
  • Write the sections of date and time for entering updated information here
  • Draw a table of description and make four general columns in it
  • First column for serial number of items and list the order number here
  • Name the second column of items and details and write names of items and their details here
  • Name third column for unit price and mention the per unit price of products here
  • Last column would stand for the total amount and you can write total bill of any product multiplied by quantity required

This is all included in the basic purchase invoice and can further customize upon need.

Benefits of Using Excel Invoice Templates

Once you spend a little time on creating your custom Excel invoice template. Save your time and effort of repetitive working on the same thing. No matter the rush or count of customers to whom you have to issue the invoice, just update products, their prices and print the invoice with sum total here.

You don’t need to draw the whole format every time neither you need to keep the order for consistency on your mind. It is just convenient and rapid enough for the billing guy to product standard invoices to every customers. Also the digital copy of each invoice will help you tracking down the purchases in case of warranty or money back claims.

Download “Purchase-Invoice.xls” Purchase-Invoice.xls – Downloaded 37 times – 40 KB

Sales Invoice Template Excel Free Download

In retail business, sales invoice template are required at great pace depending upon the rush of customers. Using custom excel invoice templates, it can really helpful to optimize your billing process. Instead of getting into large scale enterprise applications, it is quite efficient for small business to use smartly designed templates with listing of their products, prices and formulas of discounts all in one place. On each transaction, simply select relevant billing entries and add them to make total bill.


Sales Invoice Template

Making templates for your custom product list and pricing list is as easy as using it. You just need to know few basic formulas of excel and the format of invoice that you need to follow. All when you select items and sum their prices, automatically tax and other external costs are added along with discounts. It gives you the total in the end and you can take the print of copy to generate invoice. Let’s take a look on how you can create general sales invoice template.

Format of Sales Invoice Template

Any desired layout can followed however there is a general format of sales invoice. This format can customized according to the type of products or services and nature of business and billing. Looking at the purpose of this document, you just need to know few basic parameters to create the draft;

  • Open the excel spreadsheet and entire the document with your business header including your name and other details
  • You can create cells for date, invoice number and using advance options, you can use time clock as well
  • Easily create a table of descriptions, and draw four columns in it
  • Create first column for product number or services reference number
  • Create second column for product details and their quantities
  • In the third column, write unit price of each product in front of it
  • In the last column, multiply unit price with total quantity and write total amount
  • Last step is to create the section of total bill and apply the formula of column sum on this cell
  • If there are applied taxes, and discounts, their cells created below total amount’s cell
  • Relevant functions will apply for sum and deduction of percentage prices

This is how the simplest sales invoice is created which can custom upon dynamic requirements.

Benefits of Using Excel Invoice Templates

Once simple way to automate your billing is to subscribe any desktop or cloud based application. However remaining low on the budget and yet drawing full efficiency, Excel invoice templates are really helpful. These templates are available with all sorts of functions and formulas for advance as well as basic accounting. So maintain billing, financial records of daily sales and relevant invoice history is not a big thing anymore. Here are some key benefits;

  • Helps in quick and precise billing
  • Keeps the process fluent and consistent
  • Human calculation errors minimizes with automated calculations
  • No chances of missing track record when time clock is used for billing
  • Rapid billing becomes easier with short hand selection lists

Service Invoice Template Excel Free Download

Billing and invoicing is one of the most professional element of any business. Especially when you are attached to the domain of services, this activity is an important task for precise book keeping and payments tracking. Service invoice template are normally issued monthly and using Excel invoicing templates can be really helpful.

service invoice template

Service Invoice Template

As totally dependent on the nature of business, most services providing companies follow tenure wise payment schedules. As long as the business scale keeps growing, the need of regular invoicing becomes burdensome for the book keeper of business or the accountants. Using ready Excel templates, businesses can save time of creating identical bills every time. Also, these templates save your expense of buying expensive software applications for financial record management.

Format of Service Invoice

There is no fixed format for the service invoice template. It can vary depending upon the nature of services and values being offered in them. However, there exist the general concept of billing for every sort of services business. The basic of unit of services can be material or labor per hour. Similarly charges may lie on hourly basis or task wise. Using this initial information, a basic service invoice can be created using the following tips;

  • Open Excel spreadsheet and entitle the document with relevant invoice name
  • Scale the equal margins of template draft from all four sides
  • In the middle of the top, write your company’s name and address with contact details
  • Write the section of invoice number on the top left corner
  • Now write the heading of “Issued to” for writing the name of client
  • Then create the section of Issue date and mention the date
  • Now create the section of invoicing details, create four columns
  • Name first column as serial number of task and write sequence or serial number
  • In the next column, write the name of task and its description serial wise
  • Processing column will be names as Unit price and it could be per hour, per kg or whatever the basic business pricing unit is decided
  • The last column will be named as total amount and the sum of all costs will be added there

Then at the bottom of this description table, you can create separate sections for Taxes, discounts and total cost after taxes and discounts. Lastly, you can create sections of signature of payee and recipient.

Benefits of Using Excel Invoice Templates

There are multiple benefits of using excel invoice templates. It helps you remaining minimal in technology expense, catering all your simple and advance billing details. Also it cover your precise book keeping needs once the template is created with all required formulas and functions. These are few prominent advantages for a general business;

  • Keeps consistency in billing format and avoids confusion in repetitive billing
  • Keeps your calculation approach static and minimizes the chance of human error
  • Calculations becomes automated and easier hence save the time and attention
  • Generate more accurate bills and allows the accounts keeper to maintain the track record