Diet and Exercise Template Excel Free Download

Free download diet and exercise template in excel spreadsheet. Diet and exercise are very essential part of our life. Have you ever noticed? That you’re getting fatty. Yeah, it’s quite difficult to stay in a peak fit physical condition.

Diet and exercise plan template

The first step to be fit is to take a healthy diet, in order to do so you must have a diet plan.

Additionally, the second step to be at peak is to do exercise similarly you need an exercise plan for it.

So it’s not a big deal excel spreadsheet is providing you a bundle of diet and exercise template’s.



Why Diet and Exercise Template?

The diet and exercise template is a written plan about your diet and exercise which notifies when to diet and when to take exercise it helps to maintain yourself remind you about your health volume and by being reminded again and again it will be helpful for you to fill up your tasks steadily.

Features of Diet and Exercise Template

It is a feature based template, which contains certain features that have a slight detail about the activity i.e.

  • Date
  • Time
  • Description
  • Calories
  • Sugar
  • Crabs
  • Walk’s
  • Notes

These are the some of the features that a template consists of and these `are enough for an excellent dieting and exercising plan.

Diet and Exercise Template Format

The format of this template is quite simple and it only contain some features excluding all unwanted features just a slight detail and it over

It contain the date i.e. on which date you ate what how much calories it contains and who many fat’s u gained . Then there’s a small part of food and timing moreover the exercise detail’s timing of walks certain notes and it ends up.


Benefits of Diet and Exercise Template

  • Notifies you on time
  • Makes you remind about the diet
  • Gain’s a steady diet
  • Legibly make up punctual l
  • Contain a good health.

Firstly, you can make your own template on excel if not possible here you can download a template and can customize and edit according to your need.

Download: Diet & Exercise Template