Employee Timesheet Template Excel Download

Using an Employee Timesheet Template is handy to track the employee working time on the weekly, bi-weekly and monthly basis when wrapping up the payroll process. It is simple to customize your particular payroll proceedings using employee timesheet. The timesheet includes pay rate, overtime, overtime rate, and a column for sick and vacations. Ask your employees to have a daily timesheet log to make it make it easier for you to record their daily activities.

Employee Timesheet Template Excel

This employee timesheet excel template allows you to create one file for all employees to track their activities and speedily count their total payroll. Making timesheet is important to record employees working days and total time. As this sheet template is customizable, you can add another row for separate pay rates and overtime hours. The template contains pre-built formulas to instantly calculate total payroll.

employee timesheet template

Finding out the payroll details of your employees become simple by creating a sheet. If you don’t track your employees working time, you are pushing money away from you. Employees of a company can take advantage of company’s trust if they don’t record their working hours. So, choosing a perfect timesheet template is crucial to don’t let your employees take advantage.

Reasons to use Employee Timesheet Template

These are the reasons why you should use a timesheet.

  1. Timesheet makes it easy to keep correct records of payroll and pay them appropriately. If you are an organization and have a large workforce to track, having mistakes in payroll are quite common. You can overpay the employees you don’t have correct records.
  2. Keeping a record of worker’s attendance and how they spend their time while working, you can get a feel for how they are performing. This can help you find any problem that might block working efficiency.
  3. Timesheet records are helpful to settle conflicts and controversies. Occasionally some employees can demand more pay for the time they allegedly worked or they can claim for more working hours than they really did. They can add time to their sheet without verifying superintendent to determine if it’s ok. With a paper trail, their words are pointless.
  4. Both organization and employees need a correct record of their time to issue the accurate payment. Filling out employee sheets hourly or daily to track certain tasks is helpful to calculate working hours precisely.
  5. It is easy to record overtime precisely. Almost in every state, you have to pay your employees for overtime for any hours over 40 hours a week. Documenting every hour of overtime is important. A correct timesheet can assure you of this.

How to manage Employee Timesheet?

  • Keep your timesheet simple.
  • Train your employees to make sure every worker is on the same
  • Make sure it is easy to submit.
  • Send out reminders to reduce the number of late submissions of the timesheet.
  • Having an easy coding system to remember and use.

Final Thoughts:

To sum things up, having a timesheet system is best to find where your employees are investing time. You can also find out some areas where you need to improve and fill the gaps that are blocking productivity of your business. This timesheet template will provide you a simple solution for your business. So, give it a try.

Download: Employee Timesheet Template

Daily Construction Report Template Excel Free Download

Daily Construction Report Template document all job site summary for a construction project that contains general information in a given day. The information generally includes no. of working hours, workers, equipment’s, milestones, conditions, type of work performing, which tasks are thorough, and accidents throughout the day.

Daily Construction Report Template

Mostly, someone prepares these documents for project higher authorities, clients, and stakeholders to show them how the project is progressing. With all these details to track, using this daily construction report template, you can make sure that you didn’t overlook anything.


Daily Construction Report

What is The Purpose of Daily Construction Report?

Making the daily report at the end of every single day during project construction is one of the toughest responsibility and reporting every day from scratch can waste lots of your time and efforts. So, this reporting template can be helpful to save your lots of minutes and efforts.

One of the most vital purposes of making daily reports is to cover yourself against legal cases if contract dispute occurs. There may be situations when a client thinks that project development is not according to the plan or there are some defects or he has overpaid for this. Having daily reports can clear all these controversies. These reports are further helpful in these types of claims:

  • Time and material costs.
  • Unauthorized constructive changes.
  • Postpone or acceleration.
  • Work interruptions and completion.
  • Inevitable accidents (act of GOD)
  • Out of order work.

Daily reports help also to monitor the project progress; it identifies what to achieve and how to accomplish on the daily basis. Therefore, the reports become a valuable point of reference. You can use it further to update your project administrators (project manager, operation manager etc.) about daily activities.

10 must-haves on Daily Construction Report:

Most of the construction reports include:

  1. The reporting dates.
  2. Weather conditions such as the amount of rain, temperature, wind speed as well as damages due to weather.
  3. Physical condition like bad soil quality and rocks on the site.
  4. Available resources including staff, inspectors, clients, and site visitors.
  5. Project current status (work done).
  6. Delays and disruption.
  7. of workers and their working hours.
  8. Safety and industrial accidents and their impact.
  9. Possible delays.
  10. Other related information.


This daily construction report template can make it easy and more efficient to create reports. You can create professional-looking reports to share with administrators and clients. This template allows you to customize your reports and meet your projects specific needs.

Download this template now and create reports effortlessly.

Download “Daily-Construction-Report.docx” Daily-Construction-Report.docx – Downloaded 92 times – 37 KB

Price Analysis Spreadsheet Template Excel Free Download

Price analysis spreadsheet template lets you charge fairly for something and charging should be easy to calculate. You just have to run a price analysis template on your Excel program including all the data you have already entered on prices. You can find out easily what is the total price for various products.

Price Analysis Spreadsheet Template

The price analysis template will find out the accurate cost you should charge for something. When you will run price analysis template on Excel program it will display the costs of different thing you are charging for. You can easily charge your client the genuine cost that you need to charge after finding out the sum of all things the client has bought.


price analysis spreadsheet

The price analysis template will help you to discover the cost of a product. Client can easily pay and you start charging on that cost. You can compare your prices with what others are charging for the same product. You will be sure whether the price you are charging is fair to your customers or not? This will help you to guarantee that you are on right path with this.

Why use Price Analysis Spreadsheet Template?

Price analysis is crucial to find out the right price in a market where you are operating. By serving the right price for your products you will be fair to your clients and you will have a better position in the market against your opponents. A Price analysis will discover the exact price to attract more customers to purchase your products. You have many challenges in the market and you look at the position of your products in the market according to the competition. Therefore, price analysis is vital action in competition. Make sure to do the price analysis as soon as possible.

3 Steps to Perform for Price Analysis:

  • Identify a precise cost of all your products.
  • Identify the benefits you will get after making your cost more precise.
  • After listing out your cost and benefits, compare the total to both benefits and costs.

Sample of Price Analysis Spreadsheet Template:

This Price analysis template provides a simple spreadsheet calculate the cost and benefits of your product. This spreadsheet template will also calculate the total of costs and benefits. You can customize this template if you need to make changes in this price analysis template. Here you can download one of the best price analysis templates and we will make sure that it will be helpful and easy to understand for you.

Download “Price-Analysis-Template.xls” Price-Analysis-Template.xls – Downloaded 95 times – 41 KB

Baseball Spreadsheet Template Excel Free Download

Baseball spreadsheet template is a score sheet to keep up the entire match updated every minute. Baseball is a kind of game in which everyone wants to be updated after every ball of the game. Updated score energies the people when a player plays shot.

Baseball Spreadsheet Template

You can use the baseball stats spreadsheet template to track records of your favorite players and their stats. It is easy to fill every information about the match in this template. It is helpful for you whether you are coach of your baseball team or a stat-keeper. This template can highlight the success of any club.


baseball spreadsheet template

Keeping track of all numbers in a game like a baseball is difficult. It is simple, reliable and easy to use for each one of you. Because it’s an Excel template, you can customize this template as you like. You can add the logo of your team to give extra professional quality. You can change the color scheme of this stats template. Like our many templates, this baseball spreadsheet is also available for everyone to download it free.

Using the Baseball Spreadsheet Template

This stats spreadsheet template is easy for everyone to use and update. There are sections for all important statistical categories which include:

  • Singles (1B)
  • Doubles (2B)
  • Triples (3B)
  • Home Runs (HR)
  • Hits
  • At-Bats (AB)
  • Plate Appearances (PA)
  • Batting Average (BA)
  • Runs Batted In (RBI)
  • Runs
  • Strike Outs (SO)
  • Walks (BB)
  • Hit-By-Pitch (HBP)
  • Reached on Error (ROE)
  • On-Base Percentage (OBP)
  • Total Bases (TB)
  • Slugging Percentage (SLU %)
  • Stolen Bases (SB)
  • Games Played (GP)
  • Games Missed

This baseball stats spreadsheet also calculates the stats of a game for you. If you enter the correct information about the match, this spreadsheet template will automatically calculate the stats. Once you enter the total hits and at-bats, the batting average and on-base percentage (%) will calculate automatically. The total of each statistical category and their average will automatically calculate.

In this baseball stats spreadsheet template if you have more or fewer players, you need to change the average formula to the number of players you have, not 13 as given in this template. To add/subtract players, add/remove the row of cells and add and/or change appropriate formulas.

Share this page with your friends and fellow sports fans if you find this stats template useful for you. Don’t forget to check out other great templates.

baseball spreadsheet

Monthly Employee Leave Calculator 2017 Excel Free

Monthly Employee leave calculator can improve caliber of your business by analysis some of the major as well as minor details about the employees of firm. It’s consistently a big deal for the executive to keep an eye on the presence and absence of the employees.

Monthly Employee Leave Calculator

For this obligation get a monthly leave calculator template without any doubt and instinctive and attain the monthly report assuredly by analyzing the outcome the actual performance can improve more to get a desire concomitant what’s going on? What results are given? Which employ is giving outcome regularly? Who’s coming on time?

Additionally you can take a survey upon activities perform demonstrate workers, you can easily fill the needs and success is no more away from you!!


monthly employee leave calculator

Monthly Employee Leave Calculator Template Format.

Its name concludes its format; it is an accustomed monthly leave calculator which integrates the leaves of the employees and makes a grand report at the end of the month. Let’s have a look on the format as well features of the template.

Employee leave calculator template excel

Comparatively, you can attain advantages by having a look on the attendance and working delimited by excel worksheet.

  • You can consume more turning points in your business.
  • An eye is kept to evaluate the desires set by the measure satisfactorily
  • Moreover, this sheet includes main requirements for enhancing success.

Features of monthly employee leave calculator template

Monthly, report inhere the working days of the month, name id of employees there attendance timing and signature. These seem to a small info but it consumes a big conduct on the company and influence, maintenance, presentation. Its configuration among other comparable companies.

Working of monthly leave calculator template

As i mention before its name concludes it’s working by utilizing the template you can reduce you working the report. Which require a lot of time to organize is made just in a couple of minutes isn’t it pleasing.

  • It makes big calculations a single calculation commit a time but with the help of this template you can make all the calculation easily , without any distinct method
  • It saves time
  • Keep’s record about each employee each transaction that take place work as evidence
  • Moreover its editable , printable ,and u

Why monthly leave calculator template?

  • Monthly leave calculator template is obligated user friendly to conduct the monthly sick/ leave accumulated under your award:
  • It accommodates with your need’s quite instantly, obligates the uses is cheap in use differ from other template.
  • It makes a great difference in yearly reward report by the obligation of the template you can sincerely award the best employee of the year.
  • Despite any other issue.it will illustrate you with encasement manually it also relay a keen interest upon cash payment and all over.

Click here to download Monthly Leave Calculator

Material List Template Excel Free Download

Here, you can download material list template which is extremely useful to you. Just a blessing for a person who deal’s in material of any kind. Whether it is a business material official material or a home base material.

Material List Template

Material list template is equipment use by an occupier to keep records about the material. This spreadsheet consider one of the most important components of project management. It is the complete range of the material’s need in regard.

Uses of a Material list template

To be honest it’s extremely useful for people which invade in material dealing.

Its allows to make list of the material used in the project by making the list one can recently know that these materials are required and these should be provided , and by doing this planning one could get all the material in advance it leaves a marvelous impact on the project.

Moreover, it gives a professional look, to the project and increases its rate.



Features of material list template

It’s just a transaction letter containing a few components

  • Item name
  • Description
  • Quantity
  • Unit cost
  • Total

Format of Material List Template

These lists are really easy to get. You can download it easily on the other hand you can also generate it on your PC. It can be customized and .editable so you can generate it according to your needs. If we go towards its format it a vertical template with a few column of material‘s.

If you need a best project plan or you want to get successful in your projects so you must download this template.


Sales Forecast Model Template Excel Free Download

If you search a sales forecast model template, so here you are on the right place. Here you will get a number of sales plan forecast which will helpful for you in selling and forecasting your business. Free sales forecast template help you to analyze the total number of sales, average sales, profit margin, of your products.


sales forecast model


Selling and forecasting in an essential part of a business. It doesn’t matter if it is a business plan or a financial project. The thing you need is forecasting and selling. Sales refer with the trading of good’s. On the other hand forecast help to calculate the number of sales in a project.

This template helps to make estimate of sales up to next 5 years. This template can deal will 4 unit based and 4 non unit based service. It can also be used as starting point of a financial project



It is a key to a financial project 5 year sales plan forecast consist of 3 graphs of each year

  • First column is of unit sold
  • Months
  • Average item sold
  • Total item.
  • At last there is a graphical feature to show the average.


  • Firstly, you have entered the name of item and estimate of item to be selling in next 5 years.
  • Add the unit price of each product in 1 year.
  • Add the other sales information.


With the use of sales plan forecast model template you can keep record of a long period i.e. 5 years. You can make an average of your sales item. Moreover, you can keep a record easily about abundant years. You can calculate a large sum of item in just a couple of minutes it keeps record as well as make high calculations and save time.
sales forecast model