Baseball spreadsheet template is a score sheet to keep up the entire match updated every minute. Baseball is a kind of game in which everyone wants to be updated after every ball of the game. Updated score energies the people when a player plays shot.

Baseball Spreadsheet Template

You can use the baseball stats spreadsheet template to track records of your favorite players and their stats. It is easy to fill every information about the match in this template. It is helpful for you whether you are coach of your baseball team or a stat-keeper. This template can highlight the success of any club.


baseball spreadsheet template

Keeping track of all numbers in a game like a baseball is difficult. It is simple, reliable and easy to use for each one of you. Because it’s an Excel template, you can customize this template as you like. You can add the logo of your team to give extra professional quality. You can change the color scheme of this stats template. Like our many templates, this baseball spreadsheet is also available for everyone to download it free.

Using the Baseball Spreadsheet Template

This stats spreadsheet template is easy for everyone to use and update. There are sections for all important statistical categories which include:

  • Singles (1B)
  • Doubles (2B)
  • Triples (3B)
  • Home Runs (HR)
  • Hits
  • At-Bats (AB)
  • Plate Appearances (PA)
  • Batting Average (BA)
  • Runs Batted In (RBI)
  • Runs
  • Strike Outs (SO)
  • Walks (BB)
  • Hit-By-Pitch (HBP)
  • Reached on Error (ROE)
  • On-Base Percentage (OBP)
  • Total Bases (TB)
  • Slugging Percentage (SLU %)
  • Stolen Bases (SB)
  • Games Played (GP)
  • Games Missed

This baseball stats spreadsheet also calculates the stats of a game for you. If you enter the correct information about the match, this spreadsheet template will automatically calculate the stats. Once you enter the total hits and at-bats, the batting average and on-base percentage (%) will calculate automatically. The total of each statistical category and their average will automatically calculate.

In this baseball stats spreadsheet template if you have more or fewer players, you need to change the average formula to the number of players you have, not 13 as given in this template. To add/subtract players, add/remove the row of cells and add and/or change appropriate formulas.

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baseball spreadsheet

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