Bank Reconciliation Statement Template helps in comparing the balance we maintain and the bank balance as per bank statement. You can easily identify the curious transactions due to fraud or accounting mistakes. Reconcile statement also reveals the outstanding checks, due payments, deposits, errors in your or bank statement, and bank charges.

Bank Reconciliation Statement Template

Finding differences between your records and bank records become simple and effortless by using bank reconciliation statement Excel template. The time frame of bank reconciliation statement depends on the size of an organization, no. of transactions, and nature of the business. Doing reconciliation weekly or twice in a month is perfect because a long period of reconciliation can be chaotic and tedious.


Bank Reconciliation Statement Template

It is important to keep records of your personal or business bank account whether you are an organization or a business. This bank reconciliation template will facilitate you in accounting duty by letting you track the main entering and leaving the account.

Element of Bank Reconciliation Statement Excel Template

Some of the main elements of this template are:

  • Date
  • Business
  • Bank
  • General ledger account and balance
  • Current account
  • Balance precis
  • Bank & amount payments and collections

Why is it Important to Reconcile?

A proper and routinely review of your bank accounts is helpful to find problems before they get out of your hands. You can’t blame bank to cover fraud and mistakes in your account so reviewing your account every transaction becomes most important. Compare your account balance after transactions on the daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Reconciling your account helps you catch frauds and identify issues to prevent problems. Looking for frauds is one of the important things to look for. You can avoid bouncing checks and keep track of your outstanding checks. It is important to reconcile to find bank errors and manage your accounting system perfectly.

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Need of Bank Reconciliation Statement Template

These are some important points to supports the need for reconciliation statement:

  1. Contradiction on your and bank financial records.
  2. Erratic entries in the records due to in explicit payment timetable.
  3. Insufficient funds available in the account (NSF).
  4. Distraction between the end figures.
  5. Bad checks or check bouncing.
  6. Unknown service charges and online banking fee.
  7. Record keeping problems with bank deposit slip.
  8. The issue of due payments.


In summary, reconciliation is a vital process to make sure that your balance is accurate and timely solid. It includes precise analysis of reconciling items. This template can make it easier for you to reconcile bank records effectively and identify errors with much ease. it is simple to use and fast to reconcile. You can customize it according to your requirements.

Download this bank reconciliation template for free and gain control over the banking of your account and company without having a problem. If you have any question share them via comments and I will glad to help you.

Download: Bank Reconciliation

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