Free download Bank of America deposit slip in excel format. Deposit slip is an authorization form, from a bank to allow a person to save and secure his money in his bank account. It is beneficial for both the person(accountant) and for the bank. The bank takes money from you and deposit slip is necessary for this process. You write how much cash you want to deposit and in which account (a person can have multiple accounts).

Bank of America Deposit Slip Format

Bank of America is the second largest bank in USA. It provides many facilities for their customers like you can deposit money in BOA without even going to the bank by depositing through internet to another account. They’ll inform you via mail or mobile that your money is deposit and you can also distribute your money in other BOA accounts using online banking.


bank of america deposit slip

BOA Accountant Information

In this section, you write the following details:

  • Date: The accountant will write the date of depositing money (today’s date).
  • Name & Address: The accountant will write his name and complete address. Name and address can be pre-printed.
  • Telephone No: He has to write his active mobile number here so that the bank can contact you in case of any problem.
  • Signature Line: Here teller who is receiving money from accountant has receive the money then he’ll sign here.
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Credit Information

This section includes the following:

  • First there are some terms which every accountant should read where the bank requests you to save time. Avoid errors and use pre-printed deposit slips for your account to reduce chances of errors.
  • Cash: Then accountant write how much money (can be currency or coins) he wants to deposit.
  • Checks: If the accountant is depositing money in form of checks, he would write details of each one separately in the box. If there is no space left then he’ll continue on the back of slip (only if the bank allows this).
  • Sub Total: Total of cash and checks.
  • Less Cash Receive: if he wants to receive some money from the check he deposits then the teller (person receiving deposit slip) will write here the money the accountant wants and will deposit the remaining.
  • Total Deposit: The accountant will add the amount of cash and coins & will write the total depositing amount here. If he is depositing checks also then total amount of checks after subtracting less cash receive and cash is total deposit.

Account number of 12 digits and Bank Routing number is pre-printed on deposit slip.

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