How to Use the Free Poster Template to Make a Free Poster in Seconds

How to Make A Free Poster In Seconds with a Free Template.

You can use this template to create a free poster in seconds with no coding.

Here are the instructions.


Start by creating a free template of a simple image and text.

I chose the image below, but you can create your own image, too.


Open the image in Photoshop and select a text color.

I used black, but many others could use white, or red, green, blue, or even red, white, blue and green.


Drag the text box to the bottom of the canvas and drag the text to the left.

I selected black and the textbox moved to the right.


Now drag the left and right arrow buttons to the sides of the image.

Now the image is rotated 90 degrees and you can drag it to the other side of the screen.


To finish the image, drag the right arrow button and select “Create a new layer.”


Drag to the top of the layer and drag it right until you have the desired height.

This is where you will create the free poster.


Drag and drop the poster onto the canvas, and resize the image accordingly.

I have made a free version of the poster here.

I think the size is enough for most purposes.

It’s very easy to scale the poster to fit your needs.


Use the “Free” toolbar icon in Photoshop to create the poster.


Now, select the free template from the menu bar, and you will have created a free design.

Now use the free thumbnail to resize the poster and share the link with your social media followers.

The poster can be shared on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

I would recommend making the free version as a free preview for people who would like to see it before buying it.

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