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Wired title You don’t need to install the latest Google Analytics code to get your app noticed, free source The Verge article The Google Analytics app that’s made it so easy for the search giant to track your mobile app usage.

But it doesn’t work for every app, and even for the apps that are optimized for the Google Analytics platform, you’ll have to install and use some of the code manually.

So it’s worth getting started with a few basic tips to make it easy to track the app activity of any iOS, Windows, or Android app, without having to install any additional code or install a separate app.


Check your app’s permissions: If you’re running an iOS app, your app permissions might be managed through the app settings or by going to the Settings app and tapping About App.

For an Android app (or a Windows app), the app permissions can be managed by opening Settings and tapping General.

You’ll need to tap Developer Access to see your app developer credentials.

For a Windows phone, the app access settings might be found in the settings for your phone’s app.

If you have a Microsoft account, you can get an account number by logging into your Microsoft account.

If not, you might need to go to your My Account or Account Settings page.


Set the app to display your app status: If your app is running in the background and you want it to show up on the status bar when you launch it, you need to set the app’s status to show the progress of your app.

The app should display an icon in the status bars for apps that have been updated recently or that have new or different activity.

To set this option, go to Settings > App Status and tap the Options icon at the top of the screen.


Turn off Google Analytics for your app: To turn off Google’s Analytics for apps, go into Settings > Google Analytics > Analytics, and then click on the “Turn off Google analytics” option.


Set your app to show your app activity in the app log: To see your activity on your app in the log, go back to Settings and tap About App and tap “Show app activity.”

The app will display an Activity Icon next to the progress bar for apps with the Google analytics app enabled.

You can also add the app as a source of data for Google Analytics.


Set an App Alert to alert you when your app has changed: If the app has a Google Analytics activity, you will see an alert pop up on your home screen to let you know when your activity changes.

When the alert pops up, tap on it to see an icon on the app status bar.


Set Google Analytics to display in Google Analytics reports: To show the Google stats data for your apps, tap the About App icon in your home app.


Set up a Google Ads campaign to use Google Analytics: If a campaign is running, you should set it to use the Google Ads analytics platform to display Google Analytics stats on the home screen of the app, including the GoogleStats widget.

If your campaign doesn’t use Google Ads, your campaign should include a Google ad to appear in the top right corner of the home app page.


Set custom display options for Google Ads: If an ad is visible on your campaign, you don’t have to do anything to change the app icon to display a GoogleAdView widget.

However, you do need to make sure that the widget only appears when Google Analytics is enabled, otherwise it will appear when the app is opened.

To do that, go in the About app and tap Settings > Ads.


Enable a Google AdSense campaign for the app: Go to the About section of your home page, tap AdSense, and choose the option to allow Google Ads to display ads for your iOS app.


Set a Google Advertising campaign to show ads for the iOS app: Tap the About icon in Settings > Advertising and then choose the Ads setting.


Set other settings for the ads on your iOS campaign: The campaign should display ads on top of other ads in the campaign, so make sure to change other settings on the campaign to allow them to appear as well.


Remove ads from the iOS campaign and display Google Ads ads on the Home screen: Go back to the Home page, and tap Ads.


Remove Google Ads Ads from your Home page and display ads in Google ads: Go into the About screen, tap Ads, and select the Ads Settings option.


Enable Google Analytics Analytics on the homepage: To enable Google Analytics analytics on your homepage, go onto the About page, click Ads, then Settings.


Display Google Ads in the Home section of the Home app: When you’re done, tap Back, and you’ll be taken to the home page of the iOS device, where you can now turn off the ads. 16. Remove

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