Microsoft unveils new version of its Office suite

Ars Technicom article Microsoft is launching a new version that it says will be more efficient and more responsive than its previous Office suite.

The new Office 365 suite, which will be available to developers for free, has been designed to be more responsive and more convenient for users, according to a blog post on the company’s website.

Microsoft also notes that the new suite will be better for businesses, allowing them to offer a better user experience by including better tools for collaboration and managing files.

The company said the new Office is expected to be available in the first half of 2018.

Microsoft has also updated its website, giving users the option to subscribe to the Office 365 program.

The update also allows users to search for applications in the Microsoft cloud, which is currently limited to about 25 million applications.

The news comes just weeks after Microsoft announced that it would be offering free updates for Office 365, though Microsoft’s plans to provide free updates to developers were criticized by some developers.

Microsoft’s new Office has some major changes.

It’s going to be faster and more efficient for users.

Microsoft said it will be faster, with a 10 percent reduction in CPU load and an average of 50 percent lower memory usage.

It will also be better and easier for users to manage files, it said.

The software will be able to offer more features to users, including file search, a “File Manager” that lets users open, copy, and rename files, and a “Folder Viewer” that shows folder structure and history.

Microsoft added that Office 365 will also have better support for Office documents.

“Office 365 will offer support for a number of different formats and applications that are more suited to different types of work, such as presentations, documents, spreadsheets, and photos,” the company wrote.

“Microsoft will also work with partners to offer additional support for documents in the future.”

Microsoft also said that the company will be adding a new feature that lets customers easily create an Office 365 account with a Microsoft email address.

Microsoft is also launching a “Microsoft Apps for Office” program, which it said will be a way for businesses to create Office 365 accounts.

The program will allow businesses to sell apps to customers that work with Office 365 or can be used on devices other than desktops.

Microsoft told Ars Technick that it has been working with developers to make Office 365 more powerful, and it is expanding the number of developers that it offers a free trial.

Microsoft plans to release an Office app in 2019, which should also be free.

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