Why do you have to change the name of your email template?

In the age of Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Docs, and others, it’s a common practice for companies to rename their email templates to avoid confusion.

The problem with doing this is that you may be creating confusion for those of us who use them for business.

Here’s why: The name of the template may change from time to time, so you may not have all the information you need.

This is especially true when the template is hosted on another service.

If the template has been in use for a long time, you may think you can just rename the template, but that won’t always work.

The name may have changed.

The template may have expired.

The user has stopped using it.

You may also have a new client, new users, or you may just want to make changes to the template to avoid having to do a new name change every time the template expires.

It’s best to think about it this way: When you create a new email template, you should think about what you want the user to know about it, and then think about the new names you may need to give the new user.

It may help to start with some names, and work your way down to fewer.

When you decide what name to use for your template, consider the following considerations: What does the user know about the template?

What is the user’s current use of the email template and the way it was used?

What are the users preferences about the name?

How do you plan to differentiate the name from the template so that the user is able to distinguish between the two?

Is the name easily recognizable?

The first rule of name-based email templates is to think carefully about the user experience.

Here are a few guidelines: Do not use names that are already familiar or that are unfamiliar.

It is best to create names that the recipient will recognize.

The most common reason for not using a name that the person knows already is because it might confuse the user.

This can lead to confusion when trying to change a template’s name.

The best advice is to use a name you can easily pronounce and that the other person can easily remember.

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