What happened with LeBron James’ Twitter account? | Free-agent tracker

With the Cavs’ free agency, LeBron James has a new social media platform to showcase his skills, with free agency coming this summer.

The Cavs announced on Monday that James will have a new Twitter account.

The Cavs tweeted out a link to the new account on Monday morning:The account will be available to all Cleveland Cavaliers fans, which is a significant step for the Cavs.

The team has been trying to make the most of James’ social media presence to better showcase the team.

In addition to Twitter, James has also announced a new app to use on his phone called Cavs App, which will be used to access his Twitter account and more.

James has already been using the app to share some of his workouts and personal updates with fans on social media.

As of Monday morning, the Cavs had over 4.3 million followers on Twitter and over 2.6 million on Instagram.

James’ account is a good example of the Cavs getting more of their followers to use their own platforms to connect with their fans.

This is the third time James has set up a new platform for fans to follow him, after launching an app called NBA 2K17 in 2016.

The app features detailed player profiles and more, including a player photo, scoreboards, and more on the game.

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