Billing and invoicing is one of the most professional element of any business. Especially when you are attached to the domain of services, this activity is an important task for precise book keeping and payments tracking. Service invoice template are normally issued monthly and using Excel invoicing templates can be really helpful.

service invoice template

Service Invoice Template

As totally dependent on the nature of business, most services providing companies follow tenure wise payment schedules. As long as the business scale keeps growing, the need of regular invoicing becomes burdensome for the book keeper of business or the accountants. Using ready Excel templates, businesses can save time of creating identical bills every time. Also, these templates save your expense of buying expensive software applications for financial record management.

Format of Service Invoice

There is no fixed format for the service invoice template. It can vary depending upon the nature of services and values being offered in them. However, there exist the general concept of billing for every sort of services business. The basic of unit of services can be material or labor per hour. Similarly charges may lie on hourly basis or task wise. Using this initial information, a basic service invoice can be created using the following tips;

  • Open Excel spreadsheet and entitle the document with relevant invoice name
  • Scale the equal margins of template draft from all four sides
  • In the middle of the top, write your company’s name and address with contact details
  • Write the section of invoice number on the top left corner
  • Now write the heading of “Issued to” for writing the name of client
  • Then create the section of Issue date and mention the date
  • Now create the section of invoicing details, create four columns
  • Name first column as serial number of task and write sequence or serial number
  • In the next column, write the name of task and its description serial wise
  • Processing column will be names as Unit price and it could be per hour, per kg or whatever the basic business pricing unit is decided
  • The last column will be named as total amount and the sum of all costs will be added there

Then at the bottom of this description table, you can create separate sections for Taxes, discounts and total cost after taxes and discounts. Lastly, you can create sections of signature of payee and recipient.

Benefits of Using Excel Invoice Templates

There are multiple benefits of using excel invoice templates. It helps you remaining minimal in technology expense, catering all your simple and advance billing details. Also it cover your precise book keeping needs once the template is created with all required formulas and functions. These are few prominent advantages for a general business;

  • Keeps consistency in billing format and avoids confusion in repetitive billing
  • Keeps your calculation approach static and minimizes the chance of human error
  • Calculations becomes automated and easier hence save the time and attention
  • Generate more accurate bills and allows the accounts keeper to maintain the track record

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