Schedule management plan templates provides the guidelines for how the project will accomplish. Schedule is the very significant for any plan that provides by the project team leader, senior people of the management, or the person who want to complete that plan. This is the complete picture of your plan at any given interval.

Schedule Management Plan Template

Schedule Management Plan Template provides a plan for creating the rules to create, execute, watch and control the project schedule. Schedule Management Plan created at the starting phase of the project which provides the starting and ongoing guidelines till define milestone have achieved. Project Schedule is managed in the whole life of the project and Schedule Management Plan defines how it will happen.


schedule management plan templates

Who creates the Schedule Management Plan?

Schedule Management Plan is created by the project team leader or the project manager who collect the information and required material from the project participant.

Project manager have the overall responsibility for schedule management. Following people are considered the schedule management responsibilities;

Roles and Responsibility
schedule management
Inputs of Schedule Management Plan

Inputs of Schedule Management Plan includes the plans, statements (projects goals, roles of responsibilities, identifies the main stakeholders, and the level of authority of project manager) of goals in a project, enterprise environmental factors (all environmental factors at influence the project’s success) and process assets (plan, process, rules, procedure etc.).

How we use the Schedule Management Plan?

Schedule Management Plan is a tool to monitor and control the project. So, the overall activities in the plan are managed by the schedule which is created before start working on the plan. All define activities are done on the planned schedule.

Schedule Process

In this section we will discuss about the Schedule Process for developing the project schedule.

Project Scheduler will schedule development initiate schedule development by adding to the schedule the deliverables found in the project work breakdown structure (WBS). Work Breakdown Structure also known asContract Work Breakdown Structureor CWBS. It is key project deliverables that organizes team work into smaller components. Following are the components of the schedule process which are the given below in the diagram.


Defines Activities

Work Breakdown Structure give rise to in Work Packages. These Work Packages are used to create activity process. Each activity is then valued, scheduled, watched and managed. Thus, these activities should be small. Sequence of these activities is the next process. To define activities, a project manager needs two critical things:

  • Scope baseline (statement, WBS and WBS dictionary)
  • Availability of a project team


Milestones are acting deliverables of the project schedule. A summary of milestones is included in the project agreement. Controlling the project, a project manager can impose milestones during the Sequence Activities.

Sequence Activities

In sequence activities process, these activities and milestones are sequenced in the order of work performance. The output of Sequence Activities is a Network Diagram also known as project schedule network diagram.

Leads and Lags

A lead is used to show that an activity can start before its last started activity is completed. A lag is presented waiting time between activities, such as needing to wait for completion of the application testing before last roll-out of the application.

Download Project Schedule Templates.

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