In retail business, sales invoice template are required at great pace depending upon the rush of customers. Using custom excel invoice templates, it can really helpful to optimize your billing process. Instead of getting into large scale enterprise applications, it is quite efficient for small business to use smartly designed templates with listing of their products, prices and formulas of discounts all in one place. On each transaction, simply select relevant billing entries and add them to make total bill.


Sales Invoice Template

Making templates for your custom product list and pricing list is as easy as using it. You just need to know few basic formulas of excel and the format of invoice that you need to follow. All when you select items and sum their prices, automatically tax and other external costs are added along with discounts. It gives you the total in the end and you can take the print of copy to generate invoice. Let’s take a look on how you can create general sales invoice template.

Format of Sales Invoice Template

Any desired layout can followed however there is a general format of sales invoice. This format can customized according to the type of products or services and nature of business and billing. Looking at the purpose of this document, you just need to know few basic parameters to create the draft;

  • Open the excel spreadsheet and entire the document with your business header including your name and other details
  • You can create cells for date, invoice number and using advance options, you can use time clock as well
  • Easily create a table of descriptions, and draw four columns in it
  • Create first column for product number or services reference number
  • Create second column for product details and their quantities
  • In the third column, write unit price of each product in front of it
  • In the last column, multiply unit price with total quantity and write total amount
  • Last step is to create the section of total bill and apply the formula of column sum on this cell
  • If there are applied taxes, and discounts, their cells created below total amount’s cell
  • Relevant functions will apply for sum and deduction of percentage prices

This is how the simplest sales invoice is created which can custom upon dynamic requirements.

Benefits of Using Excel Invoice Templates

Once simple way to automate your billing is to subscribe any desktop or cloud based application. However remaining low on the budget and yet drawing full efficiency, Excel invoice templates are really helpful. These templates are available with all sorts of functions and formulas for advance as well as basic accounting. So maintain billing, financial records of daily sales and relevant invoice history is not a big thing anymore. Here are some key benefits;

  • Helps in quick and precise billing
  • Keeps the process fluent and consistent
  • Human calculation errors minimizes with automated calculations
  • No chances of missing track record when time clock is used for billing
  • Rapid billing becomes easier with short hand selection lists

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