The personal budget provides you with more freedom financially. Personal Expense Budget Template allows you to enter each item you purchase for your house or for yourself and then you add and compare how much you have spent. Is this according to your budget or not?

Personal Expense Budget Template excel

The personal budget template makes you decide where you can save your money, where should you apply for your money. Making a budget template make this process simpler and easier. I’ve researched many personal budget templates but this is my favorite and one of the best Household Budgeting Template. This template is one of the simplest and easy to use. This will help you to track your daily, monthly and yearly expenses.


personal expense budget

Income Statement

  • Salary/Wages: How much salary you get monthly or you receive a fixed amount of money daily or weekly for your work.
  • Business earning: If you have a business then you’ll enter the profit from business here.
  • Pension: If you are retired and receive a pension, enter here.
  • Interests/Dividends: What you earn from savings accounts or stocks.
  • Miscellaneous: This income is gained from rents, prize, royalties etc.

This excel template will add up the all the incomes and will show this in Total Income.

Monthly Saving Goals

If you failed to include your savings in your budget, you will spend more money. Saving is an important part of your budget. Here in this template, you will enter your projected saving goal for every income. Your total “saving” will appear in the last row.

Home Expenses

  • Mortgage/Rent: Rent of your house or convey a property to someone on loan.
  • Utilities: Gas, electricity, water bills.
  • Telephone: Bills of the telephone.
  • Repairs: Home maintenance expenses.
  • Home improvement: Changing the structure of the home or repairing gardens, lawns, and outdoor structure.
  • Home security: Expenses of motion sensors and alarm systems.
  • Garden supplies: Purchasing offlowers, plants, seeds, soil for gardens, fertilizers for your garden.

Daily Living Expenses

  • Groceries: Items of food.
  • Childcare: Service charges for a person who is looking after children while parents are working.
  • Dry cleaning: Money Spent on chemical solvent for cleaning cloths.
  • Dining out: Dinner away from your home.
  • Housecleaning service: Salary of servants working in your house.
  • Dog walker: Money you give to the dog walker.


Transportation Expenses

Transportation expenses are costs of fuel/ gas or vehicle reparation. Car wash, parking, and insurance expenses.

Entertainment Expenses

Money spent on cable/TV, movies/plays and on concerts. Video & DVD rentals and club expenses.

Health and Medicine Expense

  • Health club dues: Cost of membership to a fitness or sports club.
  • Insurance: Insurance that covers the cost of medical.
  • Prescriptions: Cost of medicine and drugs to be used.
  • Overthecounter drugs: Cost of medicines commonly used without written from the healthcare professional.
  • Co-payments/out-of-pocket: Share of cost with someone else (Health insurance company).
  • Veterinarians/pet medicines: Cost of medicines to prevent animals from disease.
  • Life insurance: Money spent on insurance, which your family will get after your death after some time.

Holidays Expenses

Holidays expenses include Airfare cost, money spent on food, rental car, hotel rent. Cost of Souvenirs and pet boarding.

Recreation or Repair Expenses

Cost of children toys, sports equipment, gym fees and team dues.

Personal Expenses

  • Clothing: Expenses of garments of your family.
  • Gifts: Costs of gifts you buy for your friends and family.
  • Salon/Barber: Money you spent on beauty salons or in the barbershop.
  • Books: Payments for books.
  • Music: CD’s and DVD’s expenses.


A total of income, saving goal and expenses will show here.

personal expense budget template

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