Job Candidate Tracker Template helps the HR assistants, HR professional and other business entities to record and track job applicants during the different stages of recruiting process. It helps to record complete information and criteria important to appraise candidates. Hiring managers can efficiently and effectively manage the recruitment process by using this template.

Job Candidate Tracker Template

The template easily stores data of job applicants for a specific post all in just one simple sheet and further helps to analyze job candidates conveniently. The job candidate tracker Excel template makes the process of management easy for job applications. This helps to make a manageable easy-to-follow report of all job applications.


job candidate tracker

Benefits of using a Job Candidate Tracker Template

Here are some benefits of using this template:

  • You can keep a record of all job candidates for a position who is interviewed.
  • Store details which are important to classify applicants.
  • For better and continues results, it helps to make an exceptional rating system to judge applicants or candidates.
  • Store information about candidates who can suit well for other positions in your company.

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Risks of not using Job Candidate Tracker Template

Your risks may include:

  • If you don’t have information about job candidates then you can lose the details and knowledge you can gain from it.
  • It will become hard for you to defend your decision of not hiring a candidate if he challenges your decision in court.
  • Not having a record of information, you exchanged with job applicants.
  • Depending on the memory of hiring managers instead if records. And what if the hiring manager is no more a part of your company?

Download this template and makes it easy for you to manage job applicants or candidates.

Download Now: Job Tracker

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