Employee Evaluation Template Excel Free Download

Employee Evaluation Template is helpful to review your employee’s performance and make sure that your business is at its climax. It’s great for you to tell the workers where they are faulty and where they can improve. You can simply and effectively manage the employee’s performance reviewing process on the quarterly, half-yearly or yearly basis.

Employee Evaluation Template Excel

Performance reviews are important not just for business or organization to become successful, but also backing workers motive and job planning. Using this template makes it clear for you to take decisions like firing a worker by pointing out an appropriate reason behind it. Employee evaluation template helps to track accurate record of workers, identify staff that needs an upgrade and defends your decisions with ease.

employee evaluation template


The main objective of employee evaluation form is to enhance employee’s performance and continues development of an organization. Moreover, such reviews provide us a valid, fair and evident record of employee performance. How they are completing their tasks and how much they know about job needs.

What Should an Employee Evaluation Form Contain?

  • Employee name, post, and ID number.
  • Space for rating employee.
  • A plain & direct rating system.
  • Space for writing comments.
  • Area for employee and manager to sign
  • Space for write date.

Furthermore, an effective evaluation form includes queries for self-reflection to know how employees observe themselves. It should also permit the workers freedom to give productive feedback. If you don’t back this culture, you’ll take false or unfair feedback. What would they do if they were in charge, what they consider their criteria of success and what’s the hardest challenge they are facing during work? In which areas they can operate well and where they need backing.

Importance of Employee Evaluation Template

There’s clearly no opposing on the need of managing employee’s performance reviews regularly (bi-yearly or yearly). It helps in Identifying workers strength, weaknesses and area where they need to improve. It can also:

  • Provide employees with rightful appreciation.
  • Makes it easy and concise to evaluate.
  • Support you to set clear productive goals.
  • Determine a clear purpose of the form.
  • Better inspire employees.
  • Create a better rating scale.

A perfect evaluation should accurately capture the progress of workers to be a win-win for both workers and employers. By tracking the performance, management can set future expectations with regard to employee’s progress. An accurate evolution can inspire them to upgrade their performance and become more constructive.

Final Say:

Making your own evaluation form is time-consuming, so using a template can save your time and resources. Use this performance review template to keep correct records of employees and identify those who need improvement. This template has everything you need, but you can customize it according to your requirements of your organization. Download this template and establish a paper trail to support crucial HR decisions.

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Download: Employee Evaluation

Employee Training Schedule Template Excel Free

Employees are a most important resource and training them with perfection will pay excessive profit for your bottom line. Having an Employee Training Schedule Template lets you focus in a more efficient manner to make sure your new hires have a roadmap to increase productivity. The training plan gives you a tool to successfully achieve your goals.

Employee Training Schedule Template

The development of training schedule should meet the requirements of newcomers and organization so that it can benefit the management of an organization (or HR department). This employee training schedule template helps to provide a simple and impressive base to make your training schedule.

Employee Training Schedule Template


Starting with a schedule gives you a prompt edge toward efficiency and make sure that new workers have a clear road to success. This helps you to knock the competition and boost the productivity. The team can win in the market without any race if your schedule is good enough to help every employee accomplish.

Why Do You Need Employee Training Schedule Template?

A schedule for employees training helps in gaining the much important skills and expertise to successfully accomplish the goals. It’s important to have an impressive approach to planning and implementing employee schedules. Planning and effort for training may differ from company to company.

A training template can include many small details like the objective of training, the area of training, training calendar, and tests at the end. The training extent describes how the new hires will be successful in their parts. It’s great to have a training schedule in place to make sure an increase in firm production. With this template, it’s simple to make a list of training exercises, add details for new hires to finish every task and how the new hires need to work.

The training time can be one day or one week and it depends on job profiles of newcomers. It’s compulsory to have a training calendar for new hires. The template helps to describe tasks for every training session and important steps to analyze the evolution of newcomers.

Factors Influencing Employee Training Schedule

Some factors that can influence your training schedule are:

  • The planning and implementation of schedule depend on the purpose of training.
  • The efficiency of training also depends on the available training resources.
  • Audience suitable for a training plan.
  • Staff members important for training.
  • Developing a schedule precisely for long-term
  • Implementation of training according to the value of goals.

Final Say:

Making an all-new schedule for newcomers is challenging, so it’s good to take advantage of this scheduling template. This template is user-friendly and simple to work with. You can customize and add more cells according to your needs. If you find this human resource (HR) template useful, make sure to share it with your friends and let them know. To get more templates use myexcelproject.com.

Download “Employee-Training-Schedule-Template.xls” Employee-Training-Schedule-Template.xls – Downloaded 107 times – 32 KB

Top Human Resource Excel Templates

Human resources on the project are the vital part of all projects. It is important to plan perfectly for human resource templates to secure success for a project. The top human resources excel templates are tools that aid in project management during the project life until closure phase. These HR templates ensure that you get human resources with skills, team building strategies, and effectively manage team members and their individual activities.

Top Human Resources Excel Templates

Microsoft Excel is an important tool for human resources (HR) professionals. Whether you are a part of a small organization or a large one, MS Excel is helpful for you to manage data to hire employees for your organization. It comes in handy to create and implement processes to adequately organize and retrieve data. Below is a collection of Excel templates that are valuable to help in human resources (HR) activities and tasks.

Attendance Tracker Template

Attendance schedule is a document to record the attendance of every employee to maintain the policies of organizations around employees work schedule. It records the presence, absence, vacations, sick leave of employees. Use this employee attendance tracker template to document each employee schedule. This template is customizable to put the details on the structure of an attendance tracking.

This template helps to calculate the salary to absent, present, vacations, late comings, on training, and other leaves. You can also add tabs for each week or each month to maintain employees file safe and secure and keep the working history of employee attendance. By keeping an eye on employee’s attendance record you can further increase the performance of an organization.

This template is helpful for accountants to calculate salary and also for human resources (HR) assistants for employee profit relevant record.

Employee Vacation Schedule Template

Employee vacation schedule template helps the human resource (HR) managers to track the vacations days when employees will be off. It provides a handy way to track and display the time they take and earn for an entire year. Use it to enter data in a simple day, put your own hour’s format and this will calculate the total time per month or week, total days of vacation and how much sick time is available for the employee.

It’s the demand of every employee to take vacations to refresh themselves. Vacations need proper measuring to perfectly execute everything in a finite time of the frame and this is where this template is effective and comes in handy. Use this simple vacation scheduling template and track employee’s vacations, there days off, when they will available, and whether they are reachable when away.

Employee Timesheet Template

Creating an employee timesheet is useful to track the working time on the weekly or monthly basis when finalizing the payroll process. This sheet comes with pay rate, over time and its rate, sick and vacations column. This employee timesheet template is easy to customize your special payroll practices too. Additionally, you can ask your employees to keep a daily timesheet log so it will become easy for you to track their daily activities.

This timesheet template permits you to make one file for each employee and track his/her time on daily, weekly and monthly basis and quickly calculate totals of employee payroll. As this template is customizable, you can attach a different row for separate pay rate and for overtime hours.

Shift Scheduling Template

Employee scheduling is vital part of management for any organization to do their employee shift schedules faster, exceptional, and easier. Shift scheduling template shows daily (or weekly) shifts for every employee on an hourly basis and with some space to assign tasks. Proper scheduling lets you run business operations smoothly, makes it simple to track labor costs and schedule changes.

This template helps you to create employees daily and weekly shift schedules and you can customize starting day. It serves as a great communication gadget for employees by updating shift calendar. The simple format makes it easy to use and clear to read.

Employee Training Schedule Template

Training of new hire is important to measure how successful he will in his role. Though the course of training is differing from company to company, it’s a great idea to have a training period for an employee. Employee training schedule template helps you to make a list of effective training programs and allow him to learn details of how he needs to work.

The training could last one day or one week depending on employee job profile, but its imperative to have a training schedule/plan for newcomers. It’s also helpful to define each training sessions tasks and steps and to identify the progress of new recruits.

Starting an all-new training schedule can be difficult, so it’s great to have the advantage of training templates.

Employee Evaluation Template

To ensure that business is running at its peak, the employee performance review procedure is compulsory. Its best for business to tell the employees what they are performing wrong and where they can improve. Using an employee evaluation template, you can manage the reviewing process on a yearly or bi-yearly basis. The basic goal behind all this evaluation process is to improve employee’s performance and long-term development of the organization.

Using employee evaluation forms make it easier for you to take big decisions like sacking an employee. You can point out the particular reasons behind your decisions. So, use this template to keep an authentic record of your employees, identify staff that needs improvement and be able to defend your decisions.

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Download Top Human Resource Templates:

Employee Evaluation Template Excel

Employee Training Schedule Template

Shift Scheduling Template

Employee Timesheet Template

Shift Scheduling Template Excel Free Download

Employee scheduling is an important part of management for every organization. This enables you to do shift schedules for your employees smoothly and exceptionally. Shift Scheduling Template helps to assign tasks or work areas on an hourly basis for every employee by showing shift calendar. Proper employee scheduling helps you run business operations fluently and makes it simple to track modifications in shift calendar and labor costs.

Shift Scheduling Template Excel

This shift scheduling template makes it easy to view and updates shifts for every employee. Updating shift calendar is a great tool for communication among employees. You can make daily, weekly or month shifts schedules with an easy to use and read format. This template is customizable to match your personal needs and business requirements.

shift scheduling template


Using this template helps to calculate labor costs and paid hours. You can track progress, specify your shifts (day, night, vacations and other work shifts) and modify the starting day. To meet your business requirements, it is vital to identify the department the schedule is for. A simple schedule is a great tool for time management and other details.

Why use Shift Scheduling Template?

Its difficult and time wasting to schedule your employees using pen and paper and then calling them individually while they are working. Therefore, you need to update and improve your process. Using a scheduling template provide you a great way to manage your employees more efficiently.

Employee Timesheet Template Excel Download

Why is it important? Because making a proper working schedule for employees at the right time is the preeminent important for your successful business. This employee scheduling template helps in effective scheduling to save your money, valuable time and prevents confusion about shifts.

The template allows you to create a working schedule and post it online for all the employees to see. They can access the schedule anytime at their facility. Plus, the workers can see the working hours of their colleagues. This is helpful when a worker would like to trade a shift with his coworker to have an off day.

Benefits of Using Shift Scheduling Template:

  • Easy to adjust the schedule for employees.
  • The schedule is accessible to everyone.
  • Keep your employee’s preferences in mind.
  • In’s not necessary to rewrite the schedule for an employee working on same hours for a week or month.
  • Save your time to manage your business.
  • Communication among employees is better.
  • Adding new employees to the schedule is an easy task.
  • Easy to customize to meet your requirements.
  • No chance of schedule damage or human error.


This template is a time saver, easy to maintain and help to make fundamental changes to the schedule. Download this template and improve your productivity and make your organization a successful one. Share your queries in the comment section below. I will more than glad to help you.

Download “Shift-Scheduling-Template.xls” Shift-Scheduling-Template.xls – Downloaded 104 times – 34 KB

Employee Timesheet Template Excel Download

Using an Employee Timesheet Template is handy to track the employee working time on the weekly, bi-weekly and monthly basis when wrapping up the payroll process. It is simple to customize your particular payroll proceedings using employee timesheet. The timesheet includes pay rate, overtime, overtime rate, and a column for sick and vacations. Ask your employees to have a daily timesheet log to make it make it easier for you to record their daily activities.

Employee Timesheet Template Excel

This employee timesheet excel template allows you to create one file for all employees to track their activities and speedily count their total payroll. Making timesheet is important to record employees working days and total time. As this sheet template is customizable, you can add another row for separate pay rates and overtime hours. The template contains pre-built formulas to instantly calculate total payroll.

employee timesheet template

Finding out the payroll details of your employees become simple by creating a sheet. If you don’t track your employees working time, you are pushing money away from you. Employees of a company can take advantage of company’s trust if they don’t record their working hours. So, choosing a perfect timesheet template is crucial to don’t let your employees take advantage.

Reasons to use Employee Timesheet Template

These are the reasons why you should use a timesheet.

  1. Timesheet makes it easy to keep correct records of payroll and pay them appropriately. If you are an organization and have a large workforce to track, having mistakes in payroll are quite common. You can overpay the employees you don’t have correct records.
  2. Keeping a record of worker’s attendance and how they spend their time while working, you can get a feel for how they are performing. This can help you find any problem that might block working efficiency.
  3. Timesheet records are helpful to settle conflicts and controversies. Occasionally some employees can demand more pay for the time they allegedly worked or they can claim for more working hours than they really did. They can add time to their sheet without verifying superintendent to determine if it’s ok. With a paper trail, their words are pointless.
  4. Both organization and employees need a correct record of their time to issue the accurate payment. Filling out employee sheets hourly or daily to track certain tasks is helpful to calculate working hours precisely.
  5. It is easy to record overtime precisely. Almost in every state, you have to pay your employees for overtime for any hours over 40 hours a week. Documenting every hour of overtime is important. A correct timesheet can assure you of this.

How to manage Employee Timesheet?

  • Keep your timesheet simple.
  • Train your employees to make sure every worker is on the same
  • Make sure it is easy to submit.
  • Send out reminders to reduce the number of late submissions of the timesheet.
  • Having an easy coding system to remember and use.

Final Thoughts:

To sum things up, having a timesheet system is best to find where your employees are investing time. You can also find out some areas where you need to improve and fill the gaps that are blocking productivity of your business. This timesheet template will provide you a simple solution for your business. So, give it a try.

Download: Employee Timesheet Template

Bank Reconciliation Statement Template Excel Free

Bank Reconciliation Statement Template helps in comparing the balance we maintain and the bank balance as per bank statement. You can easily identify the curious transactions due to fraud or accounting mistakes. Reconcile statement also reveals the outstanding checks, due payments, deposits, errors in your or bank statement, and bank charges.

Bank Reconciliation Statement Template

Finding differences between your records and bank records become simple and effortless by using bank reconciliation statement Excel template. The time frame of bank reconciliation statement depends on the size of an organization, no. of transactions, and nature of the business. Doing reconciliation weekly or twice in a month is perfect because a long period of reconciliation can be chaotic and tedious.


Bank Reconciliation Statement Template

It is important to keep records of your personal or business bank account whether you are an organization or a business. This bank reconciliation template will facilitate you in accounting duty by letting you track the main entering and leaving the account.

Element of Bank Reconciliation Statement Excel Template

Some of the main elements of this template are:

  • Date
  • Business
  • Bank
  • General ledger account and balance
  • Current account
  • Balance precis
  • Bank & amount payments and collections

Why is it Important to Reconcile?

A proper and routinely review of your bank accounts is helpful to find problems before they get out of your hands. You can’t blame bank to cover fraud and mistakes in your account so reviewing your account every transaction becomes most important. Compare your account balance after transactions on the daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Reconciling your account helps you catch frauds and identify issues to prevent problems. Looking for frauds is one of the important things to look for. You can avoid bouncing checks and keep track of your outstanding checks. It is important to reconcile to find bank errors and manage your accounting system perfectly.

Profit Loss Statement Template Excel Free Download

Need of Bank Reconciliation Statement Template

These are some important points to supports the need for reconciliation statement:

  1. Contradiction on your and bank financial records.
  2. Erratic entries in the records due to in explicit payment timetable.
  3. Insufficient funds available in the account (NSF).
  4. Distraction between the end figures.
  5. Bad checks or check bouncing.
  6. Unknown service charges and online banking fee.
  7. Record keeping problems with bank deposit slip.
  8. The issue of due payments.


In summary, reconciliation is a vital process to make sure that your balance is accurate and timely solid. It includes precise analysis of reconciling items. This template can make it easier for you to reconcile bank records effectively and identify errors with much ease. it is simple to use and fast to reconcile. You can customize it according to your requirements.

Download this bank reconciliation template for free and gain control over the banking of your account and company without having a problem. If you have any question share them via comments and I will glad to help you.

Download: Bank Reconciliation

Job Candidate Tracker Template Excel Free Download

Job Candidate Tracker Template helps the HR assistants, HR professional and other business entities to record and track job applicants during the different stages of recruiting process. It helps to record complete information and criteria important to appraise candidates. Hiring managers can efficiently and effectively manage the recruitment process by using this template.

Job Candidate Tracker Template

The template easily stores data of job applicants for a specific post all in just one simple sheet and further helps to analyze job candidates conveniently. The job candidate tracker Excel template makes the process of management easy for job applications. This helps to make a manageable easy-to-follow report of all job applications.


job candidate tracker

Benefits of using a Job Candidate Tracker Template

Here are some benefits of using this template:

  • You can keep a record of all job candidates for a position who is interviewed.
  • Store details which are important to classify applicants.
  • For better and continues results, it helps to make an exceptional rating system to judge applicants or candidates.
  • Store information about candidates who can suit well for other positions in your company.

Monthly Employee Leave Calculator 2017 Excel Free

Risks of not using Job Candidate Tracker Template

Your risks may include:

  • If you don’t have information about job candidates then you can lose the details and knowledge you can gain from it.
  • It will become hard for you to defend your decision of not hiring a candidate if he challenges your decision in court.
  • Not having a record of information, you exchanged with job applicants.
  • Depending on the memory of hiring managers instead if records. And what if the hiring manager is no more a part of your company?

Download this template and makes it easy for you to manage job applicants or candidates.

Download Now: Job Tracker

Checkbook Register Template Excel Free Download

Checkbook Register Template can keep a record of all of your transactions and bank balances. It is easy to manage checkbook register and is a favorable way to maintain your finances. If you have a useful format of the check register, it will be easier for you to manage them. This template can maintain a record of all your business or personal accounts with useful information (date, amount) and details of all your transactions.

Checkbook Register Template

An advantage of this check register template is that you can get specific checkbook’s record by maintaining a checkbook register if the bank’s website is not working accurately. You can access your records anywhere and anytime, which is handy and available 24/7. It is important to write all checks in your checkbook register to complete core objective of this template.


checkbook register template

This template provides a proper way to track all your transaction activities you make via the personal or professional account. This tool allows the user to have an entire information on all his accounts. It gives the users an upper hand and many advantages.

What Does a Checkbook Register Cover?

A check register covers,

  • Check number
  • Date of writing check
  • Detail of the transaction
  • Payment exact amount
  • Withdrawal amount
  • Fee amount
  • Deposit amount in checking account
  • Transfer (if you have more than one account)
  • Current balance

Who Can Use Checkbook Register Template?

A number of people (individuals, accounting professionals, and students) can use this template. Individuals can keep a record of all their transactions and track all their income and expenditures. This template helps them to know how much money they have in their accounts.

Professional accountants can use this check register template to maintain their business finances. They can calculate their daily or weekly net profit or loss by keeping a record of all the money they spend and receive on a day or week. For bankers, it becomes easy to keep track of their client’s transactions.

Why Use a Checkbook Register Template?

If you have many transactions to make, then it is possible to run out of checks. When you pay with checks every day, you should keep a record of it. These templates help you find a precise and perfect way to maintain a checkbook register. It can keep records of important financials of an organization.

These are some benefits of keeping a check register.

  • Provides real-time information
  • Tracks every single transaction
  • Keeping this is free of cost
  • Help you make a correct budget
  • Keep record of all payments

The check register is a vital document for you if you want to remain on top of your financials. You can look from where the money is coming, where it is going and how much you are left with. If bank officials commit mistakes, you can help them describe those mistakes and correct them by maintaining a check register. You can also avoid checks bouncing and prevent charging of additional fees on your account.

Profit Loss Statement Template Excel Free Download

Final Say:

Now you know about check register benefits, how to maintain it, what it covers and why it is handy for you, we hope you found this information valuable. Share with your friends and if you have any question ask in the comment section.

Click here to download: Checkbook

Projected Income Statement Template Excel Free Download

Projected Income Statement Template is a document that shows a projection of financial outcome of a company for a particular period of time. It is one the most crucial document of a business plan. It estimates the earnings and expenses for the future time period.

Projected Income Statement Template

The income projections are key for every successful business. Many companies make estimations in order to accomplish their selling and other business targets. New startups can use this income statement projection template to test the feasibility and practicality of their business before going into the substantial market.


projected income statement

Benefits of Projected Income Statements

In business, financial statements are important for financial analysis, and income statement projection is one of them. The main target of this statement is to track the revenues and expenses for a company. The income statement provides an overall view of the company’s finances for a longer time period. The income statement is vital even if you are just a small startup.

These income projections also help you to choose personnel against the business goals. These projections are helpful for management to take crucial decisions for the benefits of a company.

Contents of Projected Income Statement Template

This template consists of three main parts:

  1. Header Segment
  2. Revenue Segment
  3. Expense Operating Segment


As usual, this part contains the name of the company and title of this template “Projected Income Statement Template”.


This part contains the sources of revenue of an organization. List down all the sources of revenue in this segment according to the type of an organization. Revenues are the first item you should estimate. In our example, you suppose you can sell 100 gadgets at an average price of $20 each, so the revenue estimate is $2000.

Revenue is the money you get from the sales of your products in a business. It doesn’t cover special items like the gain or loss from assets sale. An organization does not identify the gain as revenue, but they add this gain to the income statement.

Operating Expenses:

In this segment, you list down all the operating expenses such as wages, rents, preservation, tours, etc. and total all the expenses using “SUM” function. Finally, subtract these operating expenses from gross profit to get the project net profit for a specific period of time.

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Download “Projected-Income-Statement-Template.xlsx” Projected-Income-Statement-Template.xlsx – Downloaded 78 times – 13 KB

Break Even Analysis Template Excel Free Download

Break Even Analysis Template is useful to describe whether your business revenue will cover all the expenses within a specific period of time. The period can be of one month or one year to measure it. If your business revenue is above break even point then your company is gaining profit. On the other hand, the company has to endure loss if your revenue is less than the break even point number.

Break Even Analysis Template Excel

The break-even analysis helps you define what you need to sell on monthly or annual basis to cover your expenses of doing business (break-even point). This break-even analysis excel template is effective to calculate it accurately. Companies should plan their sales and products precisely to shun that loss. You calculate the break even point number on the basis of fix costs or variable costs per unit of sales and revenue per unit of sales.


break even analysis template

Why It Matters?

Break-even analysis is handy for business owners to determine when they will begin to turn a profit and guide them to price their products. It presents a productive analysis of the relation among expenses, costs, and profits. By doing this analysis you can get a concept of how your investment is going. It gives you a time estimation important for you to make profits so that you can properly plan for your business.

A break-even analysis can help you to determine under what scheme your company must work to be cost-effective. One of the best uses of this analysis is to perform with different scenarios. You get to know either you are going according to your initial planning or there is some alternation. This analysis also helps you to make important changes to ongoing course to break even as soon as possible.

Contents of Break Even Analysis Template

This Excel template consists of three major sections:

  1. Break-even point calculations

In this section, you just enter the duration and the selling price per unit.

  1. Fix costs

This section includes all the relevant (insurance, payroll, rent, advertising etc.) to the product.

  1. Variable costs

The variable cost part consists of all the variable costs (commissions and other expenses) related to the product.

Break Even Equation



TR = P*X


  • TC – Total Costs
  • TR – Total Revenue
  • TFC – Total Fixed Costs
  • TVC – Total Variable Costs
  • P – Sale Price per Unit
  • X – Number of Unites Sold


Organizing a break-even analysis is vital to determine when your business will be able to earn profit and cover all the costs. This template is a well-known tool to help you understanding how to perform a break-even analysis.

Download this template and feel free to modify this template according to your criteria as it is fully editable. Share with your friends if you like and share your questions in the comments section below. Get all the features of other templates when you use myexcelproject.com

Download Break Even Template